Koolulu I Tag Personal Locator - 2 Pack

Does this use bluetooth or GPS? I assume the batteries are not replaceable, so how long is battery life?

Really??? Not a single spec? Battery type, range, anything… Not even the Koolulu site haa any details. I’d be very interested if there were some specs somewhere.

I think it uses Bluetooth.

The product description on the Koolulu site states, “Personal Tracker is a small but effective device that allows you to pin point the exact location of your personal belongings using Bluetooth.”

I don’t think this thing will track something live as it moves far away. For instance, you can’t strap it on your kid’s backpack and track them from your office.

Hi there. The Koolulu group just added a good FAQ to their product page that probably answers a lot of your questions.

The electronics team will be merging some of that info into the features/specs as well.

The Koolulu website says normal battery life is 8 months and battery can be replaced.

Agree with comments on specs. Also, how large is it; practical to put on key ring? I went on their site also and do not see size.

Would not recommend this product.

I bought this from Woot two weeks ago and just received it yesterday. I’m very disappointed in this product.

You must leave the app running at all times for it to work. If you close the app, it disables the tracker from finding the phone and vice versa.

This is a screenshot of the app. It looks like an illegitimate, Trojan-ware ridden hack job. There’s no way I’m leaving this app installed on my phone tracking my location at all times, let alone actively runNing


I’m very disappointed that Woot is selling such a poor product. I only did basic research before buying it, I will have to be more cautious of my Woot purchases in the future.