Koolulu Koolwear Bluetooth Smartwatch

I’ve looked most everywhere and cannot find a single review on this thing. What size is the case and is it a touchscreen? I’m assuming yes, but nowhere in the product description nor on the Mfg. website does it specifically say that it is.

From the vendor:
2" screen.

Thanks… But, I’m out. I found the same watch, same box, same everything, with different branding on Amazon for $15.81 and free shipping. Reviews are less than impressive.

Come on Woot Ive been checking the prices on some of the stuff you sell and they are no where close to what you say is origanal price is. This watch sells for what you ask and cheaper even from brand. Give real deals!!!

I looked on Amazon and couldn’t find it. Can you send link? I’d like to check out the reviews.

This doesn’t show the model number that I could see but it looks similar enough. Also the similar links below might be helpful.


That one is $24 - appears to be the same one that woot is selling for $17.

If that looks the same I suggest you click on computers and get a new monitor… or whichever device you’re using.

How far can the watch be from the phone and work properly

Something is wrong here. The description writes magnetic charging but the pictures show a standard USB cable. Is this even the right description for this product?

This is the one I found that looks like it’s the same thing:


This looks similar, but when you look at the options it says “black” and the picture looks like the silver option…I don’t trust it, but it’s 15.79 and free shipping:


From the vendor:
Range is within 10 feet

This comes with a USB charger.

Does anyone know what iOS app I need to download to get functions to work?!

Also, where does the tf card go into the watch?!?!

If you go to Amazon and just search for a gt08 watch, you’ll get a page full of the same watch with different branding. There are some positive reviews, but for the most part, the negatives outweigh the positives.

I ordered silver, I received black. Specifications indicate magnetic charging attachment, but this is standard micro USB.

Sorry for the mix-up! Please email your order number and issue to support@woot.com; CS can check into your options.

I think what was described was the GT88 watch. The GT08 watch is what you see in the pictures and it has a USB charger. It also doesn’t appear to have all the same functions as the GT88 like a calculator and for a lot of the Facebook, Twitter and other things to work, you have to have a SIM card and be directly connected to the internet.

Biggest POS I’ve bought from woot so far. Hardly does anything for iOS.