Koolulu LCD Writing & Drawing Tablet

21st Century Magic Slate.

So, after the “economical sealed battery” dies, I guess that’s it.

Nah, battery is replaceable. Top right of device, third picture on the sale page you can see where the device’s edges aren’t smooth. That’s the battery storage.

Question; it mentions it erases 50,000 X I deduct that it is also the max times you can use the device unless you want the last one to stay foh evah? Foh evah evah?
Can the notes be transfers to a pic or phone?
Thank you very little for now.

No, this is strictly a drawing tablet. Like an enhanced etch-a-sketch.

It mentions the type of battery on the Koolulu website here:

“The writing table comes with a 3v CR 2016-coin cell watch battery that will last up to 50,000 uses.”

Also, doesn’t every smartphone come with that Evernote app pre-installed these days? That (or other, similar apps) could be used to snap a photo of your notes/drawings on this tablet if you’d like to save them “foh evah” :slight_smile:

I have a similar device from a different company. It’s best compared with a dry-erase board, with some advantages and disadvantages when compared.

Better than D.E. Board:
-No markers, anything semi-pointy will write.
-Zero mess/smudging.
-Erases cleanly in <1 second.
-Probably cheaper over the long-run

Worse than D.E. Board:
-Only one color of “ink”.
-No partial erasing, it’s all or nothing.

I work in a call center and these are PERFECT for jotting quick notes
and calculations that need to be gone once the call is over.

Or you could get 1/2 million post-it-notes and some pens for the same effect?

Nope, pens and paper are strictly prohibited where I work, too much risk of customer information ending up in employee pockets.