Koolulu Universal Zoom Lens

what can I say… a $9 lens for your phone. When i bought this i was initially disappointed and almost thru it away.

First of all, it’s not an actual “zoom”. it’s a fixed focal length telephoto. Zoom means that the focal length can be changed, allowing the user to “zoom” in and out. This one is simply a telephoto lens, in my estimation approximately a 200mm in 35mm old fashioned photography. (i am now realizing that I’m getting old since 35mm film camera are almost extinct and even the dslr’s are getting away from using a full frame 24x36mm sensor)

While sturdy enough, it is all plastic and feels a little cheap.

Focus is not consistent across the image and there is some vignetting in the corners.

After the initial disappointment wore off I have used this a few times to take disappointing pictures.

It’s worth $9 but not much more!