Koolvac Robotic Vacuum


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Amazon user reviews of the Koolvac

In this article, iRobot’s attorney discusses the Koolvac’s close similarity to the Roomba: “The cleaning mechanisms, sensors, look and feel and even the sound of their product mimics Roomba.” Helen Greiner, the chairman of iRobot, says the Koolvac “has a pretty good design — because it’s ours.”

Quality Posts (a few posts we stumbled upon that look particularly helpful to others):

kingcrtuch has more on the Koolvac/Roomba legal controversy.

flyguyjm04 found a pretty negative review.


WOOTCATION ™ - Going on vacation but still checking in on what tonight’s woot is [:)]

Koolvac Robotic Vacuum $79.99 + $5 shipping

And no… this Woot does NOT suck. [:)]



These things are too loud and I’m not that lazy. No thanks.


More junk. Where are the 20 grand plasma’s? :slight_smile:
(first whine for first page)


This sucks! Oh wait, it’s a vacuum.


the old yellow roomba trick…good one woot


not a Roomba, but cool!


what does this little vac go for normally??


Lame… its a Roomba knockoff and they got sued by iRobot… As a result they will be pulling out of the U.S. by October since they lost the suit:


Can you say no warranty support and replacement filter kits after October?


Would it be bad to say this woot sucks? :slight_smile:


no thanks… ill keep my oreck…


good for all the lazy ppl :slight_smile:


Well, tempting, but I guess I will pass. My poor cat would starve only gets to eat the crumbs that my daughters leave in the living room carpet. So, if only for the poor kitty… pass, and bring on the brain of carp


How does this stack up against the Roomba? Has anyone used one of these?


New manufacturer but damn…who needs another gimmic?





Do these things really work?


This thing sucks?


Ok Mac sign me up.


Yeah, I’m thinking…no.