Koss Custom Fit Noise Isolating Earbuds – 2 Pack

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Koss Custom Fit Noise Isolating Earbuds – 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • Koss KE29BZ Custom Fit Noise Isolating Bronze Earbuds

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anyone own these?


Koss = junk

How long Have I been here? It’s tuesday again? Where’s my Mommy!

Experience with these?

I got some of these recently. They’re not “tinny” sounding on the high end. Nice lows. They seem pretty rugged so far. I like 'em.

that was fast…

that was fast

The third time today I’ve seen ear buds thank goodness they sell out quicker.

nice image reuse

Bought these last time they were online, they absolutely rock. Great sound quality, (I mean we’re not talking about huge headphones, these are earbuds). Awesome price.

I’m a idiot

Wearing them right now. I love them because I have smallish ear canals and most earbuds are really bulky, but these are comfortable.

that’s what she said…

Really? I feel so cheated, I’ve been watching and waiting for this!!!

I actually love mine. They have a really nice bass for something that’s this cheap :slight_smile:

I bought a pair of these a couple of weeks ago. They rock. I love them. So far they’ve stood up to my two year old and my evil demon-channeling felines.

I have these. Hard to find a good fit even with 3 mold sizes and they distort at higher levels.

Otherwise, they are great.