Koss PC Speakers By The Pair

rejoice fellow wooters. these made it to sellout.

The design of these speakers is very OLD, but I can highly recommend the ones with the knobs on the bottom. I bought a pair in 1997 and they still work fine, and have always sounded good for an ‘entry-level’ pair of computer speakers. And also - A reason to buy C-cell batteries!!

Note- they take a pretty standard 9V or 6V adapter. I can’t remember which, and the pictures are too low-res, but I know the barrel connector is a common size.

edit- Another point - the “magnetic sheilding” shows their age. That was back when everyone had CRT montors and normal stereo speakers would make the colors on the monitor freak out.

These are making me feel nostalgic

I got a couple pairs last time, the HD-6 and the HD-50. BOTH came with AC adapters. Both came with all the wires, as well as a wire to run to a MP-3 device, and the one that plugs into the computer.

Well worth the price of admission. (If you can live with the 80’s look.)


It says in bold in the description that they do NOT come with the AC adapter. Pretty lame as the adapter will probably cost more than the speakers.


I looked up some reviews for most of the speakers. None of them were badly reviewed off the face of the planet. Those that did replace them said they wanted a newer look or replaced the computer. No review was condemning and most were good.

Ok, buyer beware, first it’s woot second, these are small speaker boxes, roughly 6x4x3. You have to look at each spec, the power rating changes with each powered speaker set.

The good, First, it’s KOSS. A very big name in stereo speakers before the computer and not a bad deal in the computer world. For a company to hold on all this time, they have to be doing something right.
Second, You can’t beat this price, even if you just use it for christmas music outside.
THIRD, warrenteed for LIFE.

FOURTH, At least one comes WITH the AC/DC Adaptor, the specs say so.

IF YOU GET AN ADAPTER, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT VOLTAGE AND THAT THE CENTER PIN IS NEGATIVE, NOT POS. Adapters normally come center pin pos but some of the multi adapters have a switch to reverse polarity.

The voltage I was seeing is 6vdc, the large white ones are 9vdc and you should be able to find a power supply cheap for that voltage. Don’t go to Radio (CELL PHONE) Shack, they charge too much for such things. Try the electronic suppliers like AllElectronicsCorp where they are most likely discounted.

Or borrow one of your old ones. And a big break, ALL of these powered units use “C” cells.

And one of these powered speakers automatically shuts itself off when the sound information is gone and turns on when the sound information starts. That will help save your batteries.

And for you guys that mess around with cars and test car radios or home stereos, A pair of unpowered speakers is what, $5. Thats good enough for a set in the garage or the back yard or anywhere the back ground noise is not too overbearing.


Of course you can be the one that waits till the woot off ends and then snaps his/her fingers and moans “Darn, I coulda, shoulda, woulda!”

I notice every item here is “refurbished”. Does that mean that hundreds of people bought the original “new” item and returned it? Why? Was it a piece of crap or just broke easily? Or are hundreds of people so stupid that they didn’t realize they already had one? Enquiring minds need to know!

Great comment! The part about Radio Shack is dead on too, made me laugh.

Koss 2pc Amplified Computer Speakers
Don’t bother, these speakers are a piece of junk; the power cord is from some other country or if that’s not the case, then there is not a supplied power source [hence batteries]; one of the speakers [directly out of the box] has something loose in it so it rattles like a kid’s rattler. So I feel I made a donation rather than a bargin buy because these babies are useless; so it is, so it is…

get these yesterday, to bad they are sold out this would save someone else, this was the biggest scam of all time on woot, yes mine did include the euro AC adapter but they also looked like they had been sitting on someones desk for 25 years, they were yellowed, scratched up, looks like someone had them in a dust factory, and someone with very dirty fingers used all the knobs a lot these were not referbished they were just boxed up and resold probably with the new euro AC adapter as it was the only thing in plastic wrap in the box… woot any “C” batteries for sale this week?

I totally struck out with these. I used my own power adapter and within seconds the thing started smoking. I immediately put them in the sink before fire was visible. Ugh.

Did you make sure the power adapter was the right wattage?

Shame on me for not reading the specs, I’d assumed they came with AC power adapters but I was mistaken. My options are to buy a new adapter or batteries I’m sure don’t exist anymore lol.

Also thought I’d note, the inside of the battery area in the speakers look like someone took a hot exacto knife to the inside of it, scrapes and weird melted burn marks everywhere.

Safe to say, these are for novelty.

edit: They edited out the word shame to Hardy Har Har, oh Woot!.

I got mine, today. It did come with Koss AC adapter(Not a Euro one like someone mentioned.) My speakers are clean and smells like any other speakers on the market. Tested it out…well it works.

OK, here goes. 90s tech. Beautiful design. And Woot! takes care of its peeps. I will Woot! till I die. These folks take the extra steps to make sure you’re happy (even when the PC speakers only cost $6!). How awesome is that?

These babies look right at home on my desk! What are you talking about? It’s like I should dig out my Hewlett-Packard. They might look like “refurbs” (which they ARE) but they work, and they work WELL. And that price? I shoulda gotten some for my MP3 player!