Kosterina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3)

Kosterina Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 3-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
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There’s only 2 of us and our use is low. How do you store these for a long term, like a year? Fridge or wine cellar kept at 65F? It’s my understanding that olive oil has a very limited shelf life.

I was told a while back by a producer to use the oil within 2 years of bottling and 2 months of opening. I follow those rules without any special storage considerations and it seems accurate.
That said, I would guess that yes, lower temps will slow degradation. Your normal refrigerator would probably extend the shelf life the best. Just need to bring to room temp before you use it.

Mighty tempted - anyone have any experience with this oil?

Fridge might be overkill but good advice. Also since this is claimed to be high polyphenol, it should tend to degrade slower

per the producer, , olive oil just needs to be stored in a cool, dry place and can last up to a year as long as it’s unopened. But we actually recommend that this EVOO be used before June 2018.

That’s a pretty short window for a fair amount of oil. Maybe you need to morph Gourmet into a sharing site? “Greasemates” has a nice ring to it.

Hi there – I am the founder of Kosterina. We recommend that our current inventory be consumed within the next 6 months for optimal freshness! We also recommend that once opened, it’s best to consume a bottle within a month or two. When unopened, you just need to keep your bottles in a cool dry place (a pantry or cabinet is usually fine, you just don’t want it above the stove or something like that). It does not need to be refrigerated.


thanks for checking in! why is this better than the stuff you can buy off the shelf at the grocery store?

Why so short a window? I don’t go through olive oil as quickly as some, so I’m wondering what the implications might be if a bottle doesn’t get opened until past that time frame.

this is a high end product. I think they are being very very conservative.

$26.95 per bottle on Kosterina web site.

Never mind.

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we see what you did there.

#149 for a sixer with FS, so ~$25/btl.
Seems like an ok deal.
Wonder how it compares to the Olivestri Siloro Olio Nuovo I recently got…

Good ol’ Amazon, finally let me sign in to buy it on the sixth attempt.

I just received my order yesterday (2/7) from my recent purchase 1/26/18. Bought a three bottle pack. The good through date on the bottles is 3/16/18. How is it that we are getting old merchandise without being told that we have to consume three bottles of oil in 5 weeks?!?

Quite unsatisfied that old merch is being sold and not adequately described. No matter how good the oil is and the price, Im not going to consume three bottles in 5 weeks.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Refer them to WD’s post above about the date.