Krampus Kolsch

Krampus gets lager and layabouts, not cookies.

Krampus + Sayer = MUST HAVE!

Krampus is a horrible name for Kolsh. Kolsh is light and refreshing and Krampus is dark and murdersome.

How did you know I was looking for more parody beer shirts and a Krampus shirt?

Egad! That has got to be one of the top ten creepiest renditions of Krampus I’ve even seen!

Nice line work and expression there. Now pardon me while I go watch Frosty or something to shake that image off…

Argh! Kolsch is a summer beer!

(Doesn’t matter. I’m getting it anyway because Krampus. And beer.)

Well, it’s Summer in Australia.

Southern Tier did it first

Super solid logo. This could be bottled and sold for real.

Yes indeed…and I choose the Kolsch style as it’s more about the alliteration. :slight_smile:

If I have to hit wikipedia to figure out what the shirt is, it’s a good sign it wasn’t designed for someone like me. It looks like quality artwork, but now I need to go crawl back under the rock that has protected me from exposure to this sort of thing.

It is.

It’s a beautiful combination