Krang been working out!

I looked it up so you don’t have to (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle related) ; ) I like the mohawk on Inner Roo.

Krang is clearly not amused by this shirt.

Okay, now you’ve done it. Krang is obviously Early Cuyler’s cousin. I’d say evil twin, but honestly, Early’s more evil than Krang.

The image is slightly creepy and unsettling in a way, but not as unsettling or childhood-ruining as Michael Bay putting lips on the turtles, so there’s that.

Krang and Shredder have a discussion about what to do with the cache of new woot shirts.

ha! genius idea!

lovely design!

well done!

From Dimension XXXX!

( ::pats self on back:: )

And the noses…so ugly with his version.

About this shirt, my brother will love it.
Got one for him and his 2 boys.

Kang, a roo, was destined to become a super villain after a run-in with Killy the Croc where he escaped with his life, but not with his legs. His psyche further damaged by his peers’ teasing him as a Mama’s Roo since she carried him every where caused him to snap. Now, he seeks vengeance for his torment, and hunts the very ones that teased him while always watching for a chance to take his revenge on Killy the Croc.

Love the art and the concept, but I’d really like to see some ankle-high red booties on those kanga-feet!

Major shout out to the Bebop and Rocksteady mohawk. Those two were awesomely evil. Cowabunga!

hahaha this is awesome!

Thanks to all who liked this design. I love TMNT so much. Cheers everyone.

Thank you very much sir for the support.

Thank you very much.