KRAVE Gourmet Jerky 5-Pack

Had to scroll 3/4 the way down to find out what kind o’ meat they use. Apparently the whole farm - pig, turkey, cow. Trying to pass this off as healthy is funny, 'specially with sugar in the top two or three ingredients. Yes, brown sugar is still sugar, even tho it’s a darker color. I’ll wait for the six pack of chia seeds, thanks.

I ordered some from their website 2 years ago and I was certainly not pleased. The flavor of the meat was difficult to recognize with the overabundance of flavoring they coated it with. The flavors really weren’t that great to begin with, but the jerky was layered so much with it I felt like the meat itself was flavorless…

Jerky is expensive. The Jacks Links brand I get at wallymart are about $4.00 for 3.25oz. I would assume this is a bit better brand. Has anyone had experience with both?

Can you give more information?

This is my first woot and you guys best not be jerking me around.

You will Krave this jerky that you biggest purchasing mistake will be ordered just one set of packages.

IN FOR 3!!!

Ahh yes, beef jerky. A wonderful low carb low fat snack guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. Actually, The word “jerky” is a corruption of the Spanish charqui which is from the Quechua word ch’arki. which means to burn (meat). Drying the meat prevents it from becoming spoiled! Yummy, yum, yum!

I’m having a little trouble visualizing 3.25 oz of jerky.

Is that like a small handful?

Meat purchased.

I just realized why TT didn’t pick this question for woot clue.
I would have narrowed it down in 5 seconds with my first question!

Its the bag size you usually see at convenience stores, etc.

PORK in beef jerky? How lame. (Hmmm…bacon-wrapped jerky tho…now that would be something! Especially if deep-fried on a stick.)

My teenage daughter who is diabetic loves these because the low carb content.

My grandfather with high blood pressure had better stay away from these with the sodium levels listed!

Nutrition value looks decent until you learn a serving size is 1 oz.

You mean is it smaller than a breadbasket?

I bought this crap last year. Very sticky. mostly icky and totally not delicious. Guess what w00t is doing since the arrival of Amazon?


I do wonder if woot will ever sell a breadbox now, too.

At least it’s not high fructose corn syrup.

Although, if you’re steering clear of GMO stuff, I’d steer clear of this, if I were you.

If it ain’t reasonably certifiable as non-GMO then I ain’t eatin’ it! Unless I’m hungry.

Based on the !beef and being over seasoned, I am not getting any. I can have local that is beef for ~$1.40/oz, or bison for ~$2/oz.

And I was pretty excited based on the price per oz.

My first question is always Will it fit in my mouth, should I put it in there :stuck_out_tongue: