Krave Jerky Sampler (10)

Krave Jerky Sampler 10-Pack
$24.99 $40.00 38% off List Price
(2) Krave Black Cherry Barbecue Gourmet Pork Jerky, 1.5 oz.
(2) Krave Grilled Sweet Teriyaki Gourmet Pork Jerky, 1.5 oz.
(2) Krave Basil Citrus Gourmet Turkey Jerky, 1.5 oz.
(2) Krave Chili Lime Gourmet Beef Jerky, 1.5 oz.
(2) Krave Sweet Honey Chipotle Gourmet Beef Jerky, 1.5 oz.


All of them are tasty, but the black cherry pork and the basil citrus turkey are particularly tasty.

Just a heads up all of these flavors are delicious but almost too sweet. Almost

I got them last time this sampler was up. They’re good; much moister and less chewy than you would expect jerky to be (whether you consider that to be a good or bad thing…)

How is this a deal? Owner of Woot has the Krave Beef Jerky Mixed Pack which includes four 3.25 oz packs (13oz) for $24.50 + FS for Prime subscribers. This is a mere 15 oz. for $29.99 after shipping.

As a long time Wooter (2007) or before, the Wine Woot side has gone off it’s focus on wine to products which have nothing related to wine. Beef Jerky! When was the last time you were impressed with that at a tasting or dinner that included Jerky? I’m sure lots of wooters share this. Can anything be done or does Amazon call the shots? Where are the Washington wines? We have wines from Michigan. Ok, wake up and be make a difference. Bought lots of good things and wine from Woot and don’t want it to fall through the corporate cracks.

The Amazon one may be a bit cheaper, but they’re basically the same price by volume. And with this mix, you get an extra flavor (different flavors, even) and a lot of smaller bags so the rest of your jerky doesn’t dry out if you don’t eat it right away.

I love this stuff, especially the chipotle beef. I like how chili peppers soften up jerky. Err, actually I don’t like the turkey flavored one. Tried it twice, just not for me. But the others… great!

Same thing I was thinking. This is exceptionally high-priced jerky. I understand this is “gourmet”, and it comes in pre-portioned 1.5oz packages, but it’s definitely very high priced, so it’s hard to see how this could be offered on a “deal-a-day” website.

Personally I think this stuff is terrible.

Wine.woot what has happened to you old friend.

I’ve bought these before at Target and they are quite good - I’m looking forward to trying some of the other flavors.

On their website, Krave has an 8 pack sampler (all 8 flavors) for $56 plus there’s a 10% off coupon code (KRAVE10) which brings the cost to $50.40 for 26 oz (free shipping applies). So it’s slightly less expensive and provides three more flavors:
Pineapple Orange,
Garlic Chili Beef, and
Sweet Chipotle

thanks! this was really helpful.

This was actually my first Woot purchase, out of my three woots. I fell in love with the product and really wanted it to come to stores. Sometime later, it ended up being in a lot of stores and you can easily find it for $5 per 3.5 ounce bag. It’s really sugary, wet, and not chewy like normal jerky. I liked it, and I also liked the thin cuts they USED to have. Now the jerky is so thick-cut that the bags seem to deplete in no time.

If they don’t have this product where you live, buy it and try it.

Best to worst of what I tried (for fun)

Garlic Chili Pepper
Sweet Chipotle
Basil Citrus
Pineapple Orange (it had a really odd flavor it may have been a bad batch. I normally like pineapple products)

It was $20 for five large bags.

Agreed. The Black Cherry Barbecue is my personal favorite. Fairly low sodium, too (if you’re into tracking that sort of thing).

Interestingly, Much Moister and Less Chewy was also a Jewish stand-up comedy duo that traveled the Star Wars Universe. They were also quite good.

The black cherry bbq is some of the best beef jerky ever. Delicious stuff. The other flavors range from good to bad, mostly depending on personal taste (chili lime, yuch). As others have said, this beef jerky is softer and more moist than a lot of other beef jerkys out there. That’s a good thing. Keep in mind that this deal is for 1.5-ounce bags, at $3 each. Standard-size grocery-store bags of beef jerky are 3 oz. or 3.25 oz. You can go to Meijer and buy Krave jerky in only the flavors you want for the same per-ounce price as this deal, or cheaper if it’s on sale.

If you have been a long time wooter, you would know Thursdays are non wine days.

FYI As far as Washington wines, there was an offering this weekend for Raised By Wolfs Merlot, a Washington wine.

Krave Jerky samples were included in the “swag” bags given out on the RPM Tour. I have been curious about these for awhile and was happy to try them. My g/f (now fiancee!) gave me hers so I got to try 2 flavors, the Teriyaki Pork and the Basil Citrus Turkey. Both were delicious and I told myself that the next time these came up on Woot I would buy them, so…

Last wooter to woot: chipgreen

Exactly… by the way, I just saw 3.25oz bags of these exact flavors at 7-Eleven for $5.99. Just sayin’. You’re slackin Woot.

I was just about to buy three, but then realized they are not like previous offerings where you can get 10 of just one kind.

Cherry Barbecue and Basil Citrus are great. Grilled Sweet Teriyaki is good to very good. Chili Lime and Sweet Chipotle are deal breakers, too spicy.