Krave Jerky

Hasn’t been my experience with Jerky…

As it happened, ~30 minutes after my post I got the email that the order has shipped… though fedex shows they’ve only received the shipping information, not the item for delivery yet.

The last time I got Krave Jerky from wine.woot, it was only 4 business days after to get the notice that it had shipped. And, the time before that 5 business days.

Last time was on Feb 28, 2013 and time before that was on Mar 14, 2012…

The Dreamer

I ordered on the 5th (admittedly pretty late, might not have been processed till the 6th), and didn’t receive a shipping notification until the 11th. Current (12th) FedEx is just showing “Initiated” and “Shipment information sent to FedEx”. At this rate I don’t really expect it to arrive until next week.

Usually standard shipping on Non-Wine orders can take up to 3-5 business days before shipping.
In most cases it’s less than that.

If you encounter any issues with shipping however, please feel free to email into and let them know.