Krave Pure Jerky Sampler - Five Pack


and it was deemed garbage by many back then!

What a jerky thing to say.

woot off killer. let’s get some chevre goin on up in here!

Only a penny less than the Krave website:

actually, it’s quite good, it just depends what you’re looking for. there were mixed reviews, but a lot of people were reviewing based on having only tried one of the five flavors, which vary wildly.

i posted a detailed review the last time it came up:

It was at least deemed to be a mediocre deal. At the Krave web site you can get the same thing, with free shipping at the same price, but you get to pick your own flavors.

No need to jump on this at all.

I purchased this last woot-off on the main site. It’s GOOD jerky, but overall I don’t like it. Some of the flavors are so coated in sauce they are slimy and a huge mess to eat. Some of the flavors are so overpowered that they blow out and don’t seem to taste like what they’re supposed to (if that makes sense).

I like the jerky, but I was expecting something completely different than what I received.

Does jerky go well with wine?

how was the pork jerky?

There were definitely some good flavors - especially the Teriyaki Pork jerky. I never had Pork jerky before and it didn’t seem overly moist like some of the other flavors. If they did a better job of absorbing the moisture after packaging, this would be a lot better. The flavors themselves were very interesting and if not for the moisture problems, I would be in for 3… Instead in for zero :’(

It’s probably a good thing that this will be up for the next 10 hours. The last thing I need to do is buy more wine.

Got this during the launch event. I really can’t recommend. The jerkies were a wet, slimy, mushy mess. Tons of cartilage. They were all loaded with sugar or other sweetening, which seemed totally unnecessary. On top of that, there were way too many additives and artificial colorings. All in all, some of the least impressive jerky I’ve ever had.

Dear Wine.Woot,

Please put up some better products than this in today’s woot off. For one, I don’t eat meat, and your lack of wine in this woot off has caused me to cheat on you on another wine site :0! If not for me, do it for the children!

Thank you,


I bought this on a woot-off few weeks back. Biggest waste of money ever. This stuff is inedible…and i LOVE jerky

The pork jerky was HORRIBLE.

I bought it last time (2 orders actually, I love Jerky) and was disappointed. The jerky is dehydrated, and THEN the flavoring is added, making the jerky wet, sugary, and gooey. I would also think that this keeps it from lasting as long as traditional jerky. And while some people may like the creative flavors, I prefer the more classic flavors available for less money at the local store. I ate maybe 2 pieces of each (I had to at least give it a second chance) then trashed it.

This stuff is really good. I love the sweet, moist jerky of the pineapple orange and the tangy but spicy lime pepper the best! But, I still am slowly pacing myself on my last batch. So I really don’t need to get another batch, especially when some of the other flavors are good but not as tempting to me.