Kris Blingle

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Oh wow…just not for me. It’s quite amusing though, and very detailed as well. Congrats to the artist on the print :slight_smile:

Oh wow, that’s interesting? Congrats lucky, I loved your jacuzeggs design. xD At least they put it up in time for Christmas.

too busy … !

Fun! Once again, a bit late. But in all honestly, I don’t do “once a year” shirts too much

Hmm - would have been a better sell in an Escalade!

I’d buy it if it were on a christmas color.

Creative, but best left for comical Christmas cards. I don’t know how I feel about wearing this as a shirt.

Nice use of 5 colors.

Congratulations on the print, Lucky! Wonderful wordplay as well, and I dig your subtle use of the shirt colour.

I didn’t know whether I was to laugh or cry. I did both…


congrats on the print though, nice details, just not my style

Congrats Keith! Btw, I do love the ninja pandas :smiley:

Definitely could not wear that lol neat idea though.

It lists six on the front, unless you’re not counting white?

I’ve seen less flash on the Vegas strip

Ninja Pandas? //TF

Everyone is so supportive.

Seriously… you will be lucky if you are not stabbed by the fashion police and drug around town.

Herm, no. Kinda funny, but not to wear.

looks cool but I don’t see myself wearing it.

would be neat larger, like a poster I think - easier to see all the detals.