Kruger Discovery Binoculars

Look here! Yes, right here! Have you found reviews yet for these?

Rubber coated bino’s are great- for awhile. Then the rubber gets all dirty. After ten years or so, the rubber gets either dry or gooey. I have a great pair of Steiner Bino’s that got weird to hold.

What are porno prism - oh, never mind. I have neighbors that are into that stuff.

With Binoculars if Near=Far, you’re holding them backwards.

They appear to be nothing more than cheap Chinese binoculars. Very little info about them, too. What is the eye relief on all of the models being sold? Field of view on all of them? Do the roof prism binoculars have phase coatings on their prisms? Are all glass surfaces multi-coated? Locks on diopter rings? Do they even have diopter rings??

If you’re looking for a toy for the kids, they will do just fine. If, howeverk you are looking for a serious binocular to use while birding, hunting, hiking, or at sporting events, do some research and spend your money on binoculars that have a positive reputation.

These binoculars are not made in USA as stated. They are made in China and they don’t even fit into their case. Waste of money.

Are you referring to a specific model? If so, could you clarify?

Everything I’ve researched thus far says they’re made in the USA.
(Some items specify “engineered,” but they’re not part of this sale.)

I’ll confirm with our buyer as well & make sure we’re accurate for future offers.

The page definitely says “Made in USA”. I received them today and the binoculars have “Made in China” printed on them and the box says “Manufactured in China”. The cleaning cloth is also made in China.