Krupp Brothers, Veraison Synchrony Duo

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and Fact sheet on the Synchrony (pdf)

Krupp Brothers, Veraison Synchrony Duo
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 2 2004 Synchrony

CT link above.
Community Average Price in CT: $52+
Community Average Score in CT: 88.5 pts (5 ratings, range 86 - 91)
Suggested Drinking Window: 2009 - 2015

this looks like an amazing deal. its about 50% most of the other websites.

Veraison Synchrony Stagecoach Vineyard 2004 750ML $65.99 - Grand Wine Cellar
Veraison Stagecoach Vineyard Synchrony 2004 750ml $58.95 - Ludwig’s Liquor …
2004 Veraison Synchrony Stagecoach Vineyard $59.99 - W3discountmall

im in for one.

Krupp Brothers, Veraison Synchrony Duo
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Question for the winemaker – does all the fruit in the wine come from stagecoach?

I ask because my family is very close with the Gennets (who own Tambor Vineyard) and I know they source grapes to the Krupp brothers for one of their lines (Blackbart, perhaps?)

According to their website, in the Synchrony, it all does except the Merlot, which comes from Krupp Vineyard (unless I read that wrong, anyway).

Edit: Yep, I read it wrong.

These are 65 clams each on the winery web site… so, a good chance to try one (two) of these at half the price.

Has anyone tried this before?

just pulled the trigger on one. thank you!!!

Namedropper. :wink:

Never had the 04 Synchrony but I’ve had the 01. Big blockbuster wine, big structured tannins with deep deep layers of rich dark fruit.

I had that and the Black Bart… (06?) Bride at the same time last November. I think at $30 the Veraison Synchrony is at a great price point if you are a fan of the style.

Don’t know how the 04 is gonna shape up since I’ve never had it, the 01 benefit from a more structured vintage (and 3 more years of age =P). 04 for me for Napa Cab blends has always been one of more expressive fruit, up front and easy to please.

edit: A little on the blend
I really like Cab Franc/Cab Sauv blends. Two of my favorite wineries, their estate blend is cab franc/cab sauv. built to age with a wonderful solid bordeaux-like structure and everytime I drink it i’m always amazed by the complexity of fruit, tobacco, earth that piles on in layers. Don’t know if this is similar… just talking about the blend itself =)

Winery: What style wine is this? Elegant and complex? Big ass wine? Fruit bomb?

Also, how long can/should these be cellared after the few weeks to recuperate from travel shock?

Thanks a lot!

I’m trying to make up my mind. It a bit pricey. Hmmm, maybe I’ll sleep on it. Since this is such a great deal based on their price on the website, how many bottles do you think?

Question about the 85% new French oak barriques. What are barriques, and why did you choose them?

Also, what is the other 15% made up of?


Haven’t tried this, but I have had the Black Bart Syrah, which lists at $60 on the winery website. If the Synchrony is anywhere near as good, this would be an irresistible deal. Only an already overstocked wine cellar is holding me back, and that probably won’t last long enough to miss out on labrat. Gotta check the store where I got the BB, and see if they carry this.

Hi Wooters,

This is Brian from Krupp Brothers winery. We’re proud to partner with to feature our 2004 Veraison Synchrony. I’ll be checking in to answer any questions about our '04 Synchrony or our winery.

Our '04 Synchrony is a fabulous bottle of wine. It is our signature Bordeaux-style blend. In recent years, we’ve been featuring more and more Cabernet Franc in this wine. Our Cab Franc from Stagecoach is in one of the rockiest areas of the vineyard, which results in wonderfully aromatic Cab Franc and tremendous concentration of flavors. The Cabernet Sauvignon provides a lot of the backbone, tannic structure, and a long, persistent finish. Malbec and Merlot round out the blend.

I look forward to chatting with everyone over the next couple of days and beyond!

Steal of a deal. In for one regardless of the lack of storage. As always, available for rattage (just give me a head’s up so I know to go pick it up).


All of the fruit going into the '04 Synchrony is sourced from Stagecoach Vineyard.