Krups Kitchen Appliances

In case it is at all helpful to any of you, I have links to all these items from the mother ship for comparative pricing purposes and reviews where available:

Full Stainless Steel Espresso Machine (Woot price $299.99)

Stainless Steel Mechanical Espresso (Woot price $99.99)

Pump Automatic Espresso Machine (Woot price $169.99)

Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Press (Woot price $89.99)

Pump Manual Espresso Machine (Woot price $149.99)

Pump Manual Espresso Machine (Woot price $129.99)

Automatic Pump Espresso with Thermoblock (Woot price $129.99)

I got the Stainless Steel Mechanical for Christmas and it does the job. I like it very much and having the milk frother is nice too. Its my first espresso machine and I know there are better ones but this one does the job for me. Saved so much money by not going to sbux as much too!
my 2 cents

I’ve had a number of Krups espresso machines pass through my kitchen (often “used” unwanted wedding gifts donated).

I’m currently using a much-maligned Krups, one with all kinds of flashing lights and electronic controls. Seems like a lot of folks can’t or won’t read the manual.

However, one design element is questionable on this unit: the portafilter.

While it appears at first that there is no apparent pressure valve gimmickry to make (so-called) “false crema,” the unit has many tiny holes inside the filter, but only one tiny hole to exit and dispense the espresso.

While this does work, the single tiny hole can and does clog.

I wonder if this is the same portafilter? I had to use blue toilet bowl gel to finally get mine to unclog.

Need a manual for the Krups XP601050 to see if I want to buy it. Anyone know of a download site (Krups doesn’t list it.)?

Sure you got the model number right? Is this the unit with the five bright blue lights across the top?

When I look at these they all look so similar. Is there a site that compares features? What are the differences among these?

Some of your links aren’t working. The last link shows the wrong model.
I did a video review on the first model, the XP601050. If you search that model on Amazon you can see it in operation.

It’s called a pressurized portafilter and all these smaller low-end machines have them. They can be troublesome but the designs allows the user to get a consistent shot of espresso with little of it being dependent on the coffee being used.
Higher end machines have non-pressurized portafilter but the slightest variation in coffee (grind, texture, age, temp, tamp etc) has a huge affect on the shot.
When buying a machine with a non-pressurized filter, they say to spend as much as you possibly can on the grinder, and spend what’s left on the machine. The grind is that important.
For these machines, you’d hate it if it wasn’t for that pressurized portafilter. Be sure to flush it out with hot water after use.

Sorry but no more Krups for me. I really liked and used my Krups Bistro machine for a number of years but found that, in their infinite wisdom, they stopped carrying/producing replacement carafes for it not very long after I got it. I have a partner with over zealous cleaning skills and after the first one broke, I found a used one on eBay. When that one was broken as well, I searched for months but never found a replacement that fit without inserting foreign objects between the machine and the top of the carafe. It will still work but has now been relegated to a shelf in the garage (waiting for a yard sale) and I switched brands. Few things irk me more than companies that produce a product but don’t produce replacements for what are obviously, easily breakable parts.

I use a little alcohol, in the portafilter, set it on an empty soda can, light it and watch the oils come out. rinse and use…

Any machine should be descaled and cleaned on a regular basis, and this includes the portafilters.
I use Urnex Cafiza for both descaling and for cleaning the attachments. Works very well.