KRUPS Milk Frother

KRUPS Milk Frother
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I just blow bubbles through a straw to froth my milk…

Check out the product page

We got a battery operated mini wisk/frother from a Swedish company for $3 that does pretty good.

Perfect Review over at Kohl’s
Comparison of various Frothers from

What’s the point of getting a milk frother when latte’s require espresso and most espresso machines have built in steamers anyways?

Can be difficult to make good froth from an espresso machine for a variety of reasons. Although no frother makes perfect “microfoam” like you can get from an espresso machine they can do a pretty nice job and sure is much easier and more convenient.

The key to your question is “most espresso machines.” Not only do those with steamers not always make the best steamed or frothed milk, some do not have a steamer. Case in point, the Nespresso capsule expresso makers. Also, steamed milk and foam with “regular” makes a great cafe au lait.

So, how do the specs not have anything about voltage?? Can’t find on their product page either. I’m looking for something I can also use in Europe. At least this price where I am.

If it’s not there, it’s usually not international voltage.

Someone asked on Amazon though and the answer was US 110-120 only.

You can always buy a voltage converter (ranging from $13 to $43, depending on needs, basic to including surge suppressor). Some also include USB ports.

The Krups is a fantastic milk frother, but no I always get asked is it as good as one you see in a coffee shop, well no, no home milk frothers are, but still worth forking out for if you like milky coffee at home.