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I got this the last time it was offered and it is terrible. The “espresso” it makes is more watery than the coffee at the diner down town. It’s really bad. This is the first Woot I’ve been disappointed in, but I’m very disappointed.


Thank you!

I was starting to feel like the gods of the internet had a tractor beam on me and I had to buy one of these things whether it made sense or not.

I have a Handpresso (from a woot long ago) which is utterly magical and amazing (in every way that an espresso maker can be amazing) and I should be more than satisfied with it. But sometimes I am overcome by the brainless pressure of the mass market.

Sometimes these crazy impulses come over me and I lust after crap. But then I fight these feelings off and refuse to buy Krups leaky junk and continue to glory in the perfection of the Handpresso espresso maker I already have.

I hope you can learn to do likewise.


“lust after crap”…LOL

Seriously, well-said.

The power and pressure of marketing machine is indeed overwhelming at times. I have to slap myself to bring me back to sense and prevent me from clicking that ubiquitous and “in-your-face” PLACE ORDER button.


We also got this one the last time it was offered, and have been quite impressed by it. It’s very fast from turn-on to running, and produces thick layers of luscious crema. Steaming power is adequate.

So I hear, these tend to spring leaks. Ours has not, but we’re taking advantage of the repeat to get one as a gift and a couple of backup units. (We’ve already gotten our money’s worth out of this machine several times over, and would happily get a new one (or two) at this price, should it fail in the future.)

As for your watery coffee, it doesn’t sound like that’s actually the machine’s fault.

With any espresso machine, the quality strongly depends on the roast and grind of the coffee beans. If your espresso is watery (especially with this solid machine), your grind just isn’t fine enough for an espresso machine.


That’s true. Generally espresso coffee is a lot finer than “normal” drip coffee.


The grind should be like silt, like very fine dust that clings together in clumps. Plus, you have to “tamp” the coffee in the filter handle (portafilter) so the water travels slowly (via pump pressure) through the grinds. Not rocket science, but very easy to do wrong. If you run Folger’s pre-ground through it, you will get crummy espresso. I know, I used to do that, then wonder what went wrong. User error!


Picked this up last time and I am very impressed with the crema rich shots produced at such a low price. Use a burr grinder to get the correct grind and tamp the grounds, comes out great for me.


What coffee are you using? Who is grinding it?

Are you grinding it at home, and if so, with what kind of grinder?

Are you tamping it down?

I buy pre-ground coffee online(Javacabana) as I don’t have a grinder that is good enough for true espresso.

Plus, I’m cheap, and the stuff I get from them tastes just fine to me.


Two months ago I might have snapped this up. But then I found a Gaggia Deluxe for $4 at a garage sale. I had to buy a new pump for it, but the results have been well worth it. Now if Woot would offer up a decent burr grinder…


So true…a conical burr grinder is important to use in order to get a fine grind. It also prevents the heating up of the coffee bean. Blade grinders will heat the beans and change.the flavor. Tamping is important too. A good rule to follow is while brewing, it should take about 20-25 seconds to make a cup of coffee. A shorter time means a coarser grind…longer time means a grind that js too fine.

Now for me, I own a Rancilio!


…or you can buy a bag of beans at Starbucks (or any coffee shop) and ask them to grind it for your espresso machine. Brilliant!!


My question is with the steam nozzle to make frothed milk, I can make cappuccino, right? Is that what cappuccino is, Espresso with the frothed milk?

I dont drink coffee, but my girlfriend loves espresso/cappuccino/mocha latte whachamacallit and has always wanted one of these.


Yes, with the steam nozzle you make frothed milk but officially a cappuccino is three parts = 1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk (made while you froth the milk), 1 part frothed milk.

Some like it dryer (more froth) and some like it wetter (more steamed milk).

A latte is steamed milk and espresso without the frothed milk part.

Finally, a mocha latte is a latte with chocolate added (I like dark syrup which blends faster).

Hope this helps.


Exactly, “Not rocket science, but very easy to do wrong.” And if you dont take care of your machine, ESPECIALLY the frother - milk will back up into the machine and over time the frother will gunk up and die. Only a professional cleaning will bring it back to life BUT simple daily maintenance should keep your frother going for a long time.

Immediately after frothing have a second small jug (or even mug will work) of cold water and run your frothing wand full steam. Turn off the power to the wand but keep the steam going until it sputters all its steam then dial off the wand. Take off the various parts of the wand and soak in hot soapy water, then rinse in hot water and let dry.

This is really important to do IMMEDIATELY after frothing milk (especially the first part of letting the steam run thru the wand until it sputters out). I am pretty sure all this is in the instructions but amazingly few read them UGH!

These gals have great vids on just about anything anyone could ever want to know about coffee =


This is the most absurdly hilarious Woot write-up I’ve seen in a long time! Bravo!


No crema = no buy.

The picture doesn’t even show a good espresso shot…


In for one. Anyone have any recommendations for a coffee with which to christen this thing? This is my first foray into the world of espresso machines.


roasts fresh every week to ensure quality! :slight_smile: