Meh, got one. My first shirt.woot ever.

Sweet design, ordered one

Did you like the poker, Cdpyronme?

righteous design

still hoping for thicker tees in the future

if there is a future.


JIggga JIgggga …nice shirt.



What more could you want?

El Prospecto!

Or at least ONE non-black shirt from this derby.

got one =]

this is way sweet, Im hoping its a BIG earth that would be even better

Great minimalistic design, really tempted by this one. I so want to order it but I don’t think it’s quite catchy enough . . .


I’m in for 1.

The shirt is subtle, you wouldn’t notice it at first glance. That’s exactly my kind of shirt. I don’t need something with strobe lights on it, I’m not a freaking disco ball. Subtle is good!

had to happen sooner or later… first shirtwoot!!

amazing shirt. 1 for sure.

In for 1, my first shirt.woot. I like the simplicity of the design, and like someone else said earlier, the color combo works well.

Although that prospector one is pretty nice, too…

Nice. Simple. To the point. Good shirt.

In for one.

Drunken bought it. First one since NEEEEEYOMN. Cool looking. I’d definitely take the poker one if it were just a hold’em hand!

Simple is good; which means it would have been better without the pointer closing the window.