http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.

Wanna buy it later? Click this link!

I don’t know what I like less… the non-design, the non-humor, or the awful awful title

I think what I like the least is that shirt.woot hasn’t actually updated their frontpage… I had to dig through the blog to get here.

echoo echoo echooooo…

2007 did suck for me…might buy this one if they fix it!

I like that best. More chance it won’t sell.

Okay, still a tiny pic. What is it? Looks like a tapeworm. Well, it is a tiny pic, after all.

Here is what it looks like, for those too lazy to find it:


If it was a tape worm that would fit my 2007 perfectly… In memory of my battle with the tape worm…

Hmm…even going to https://shirt.woot.com/Member/Order.aspx directs to the main shirt.woot site. Can’t even click on “I want one” there either…doh! Need to get to sleep, but 2007 really sucked and want a shirt to prove it!

Depends on how this prints, but, I think I might be in.

Shame we can’t get ‘KTHXBYE07’. That would be l33t.

Obviously some weirdness going on. We’ve got our people checking it out, and hopefully we’ll get the new sale on the front page before too long.

Sorry about that.

Can I get one that says, “This shirt.woot: Well, that sucked”?

Too bad it’s not Christmas anymore…holiday pay!

You can always add that with a sharpie on masking tape.

Not updating on the front page of shirt.woot, but I did see it listed in the community pages. Odd. I can also see it referenced on the other woot sites. Just not on main shirt.woot page. I’ll check back later.

edit: seems to be working now.

Ooooh. Yep, a tapeworm.

agreeed, although i would have made it kthxbai07

Slate? I hope this becomes a colour choice for the derbies.

haha, interesting enough, is that a new shirt color?