Kuhn Rikon 4-Piece Nonstick Knife Set



SOrry i’m being lazy tonight woot… zzz

I was just thinking there isn’t enough zebra print in my kitchen.

A nonstick knife? Does that imply there are sticky knives? What does a nonstick knife do that my regular kitchen knives won’t (aside from match my zebra print & blue paisley dining room)?

I am predicting a sell-out!

Okay woot… Zebra will sell out first, right? Paisley, then red polka dot…

These sell for $30+ after shipping…

AND THAT IS ONLY FOR 3! Great deal Woot.

Good Night All.

lol, so was i

These will go perfectly with the SOG saw, shovel, and axe that woot offered a while ago.

Now all we need are some plastic bags and lime and…

Wait, what?

When they’re non-stick it’s easier to stick people, the knives don’t get stuck in their ribs. In and out, like buttah…

I am wondering about dried on food (I am a lazy ass when it comes to washing my dishes). It may be hard to see on the zebra or the polka dot depending on the food item.

Yeah, no. I could not pass this up. How often will I get the chance to own not one, but four paisley knives?

I wonder if I would get distracted by the design and end up losing my fingertips?

Ok, can I sharpen these knives with the Shun sharpener I bought from Woot? Or do I have to buy a sharpener for European knives? Thanks.

I ended up buying one of each. Don’t know why, just couldn’t resist getting this.

Just popping in to say: “Bring back the Fun Foot Flush.” Huge hit for the relatives Christmas present. Was supposed to be a joke, but now I have jealous relatives!! :slight_smile:


Ugh! I hateeeee animal print patterns, but I couldn’t resist the zebra print knives!! And thanks to JumboWoot??? =FREE!!! Yay! I searched the net before getting suckered in for one… this deal was too good to pass up. Even for knives I don’t need, but seriously… Who else has zebra print knives? or polka dot… or paisley?? So what if Mrs. Jones next door has a brand new Mercedes… I HAVE ZEBRA PRINT KNIVES!!

Amazon has a set of 3 for $27

or the 6" chef’s knife for $20

or the paring knife for $9.83

All pretty good reviews, so this looks like a good deal.

I’m going for paisley!

These are unbelievably, irrevocably, obscenely over-the-top absurd. And ridiculous looking.

…I’m in.