Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Pot

Got one during the Kuhn Rikon sale, a couple weeks ago. As a tiny canning pot, they work GREAT!

The basket took some, uh, re-formatting, before the handle would lay flat, though. Buy at your own risk. If you can’t handle bending small wires, buyer beware.

On the whole, it’s a tall, tiny diameter pot, with a basket. The basket WILL hold a 1 quart bottle, too.


these would be great for boiling eggs!

Reviews on Amazon say that this little pot is very useful!


Hmmm. I might be getting one tonight!

Great for immobilizing and stewing small rodents and roadkill. My grandmother had a similar pot for her famous Three Squirrel Stew, except that hers had a Hello Kitty on the handle.

This got me a “quality” post? I thought it would get me banned!


Why would you be banned? After purchase mods are not our business. LOL

I bought one a few weeks ago, ahead of a move. I was told of its advantages in small batch canning and single-use pasta cooking.

Honestly, yes, it’s large enough to fit a single jar - half pint, pint, quart, whatever - for hot water bath purposes.

For cooking pasta, however, if you’re using dried, store-bought pasta, you need to baby it for a bit before the pasta bends enough to replace the lid.

Also, having never owned a pot with a strainer lid before (and having cooked for many years, at home and as a caterer), it didn’t occur to me that I might need to hold down the lid while straining off the liquid from cooking ramen noodles. I ended up with some burns to my chest and neck after that event.

So, there you have it. It’s a decent pot, but with a few small caveats.

After reading, I wanted one too!

But it seems like the colored ones here also have a non-stick interior. I think I would prefer the all stainless interior model.

Here are qvc reviews on the colored ones:


Might get as a classy upgrade to my mom’s cracked chamber pot.

As skou mentioned above, these are great for small batch canning. This is the nonstick version versus the stainless steel one available on Amazon, but I think as long as you’re careful, these will do fine too because everything still rests inside the strainer basket.

Here’s a site complete with a recipe for strawberry jam using the Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner pot: Urban Preserving: Small Batch Strawberry Vanilla Jam – Food in Jars

Was wondering if this works with an induction cooktop… according to one of the QVC reviews, it does not.


I don’t know why this pot would be useful. I should read up on it. It seems like it would disappear on one of my stovetop’s burners.

So it strikes me that this looks like a mini-frialator… could it be used for that??

Would this be good to steam small amounts of veggies to mash up for my babies food? I just started introducing solids but don’t really know best way?

The best way to do baby food is do a full batch, mash, out n ice cube trays, freeze. Empty cubes into freezer safe bag, label with food & date & viola. That is by far the easiest way to go.

That & use lots of fresh soft foods, like ripe avocado, soft bananas, really ripe pear (can also steam if needed) scraped apple (it is just what it sounds like), etc.

I have one and it is great for boiling eggs. It is ok for asparagus and I am sure other vegetables too.

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I think this is the product page with a blander color:

Yes! Go for it.

I got this last time around and I’m very happy with it. Hard boiled eggs, corn on the cob (small cobs), vegetable steaming - I will eventually try an artichoke. My only small beef is that the basket isn’t really mesh, it’s got these big spaces that small spears of asparagus can slide through and get stuck in, which is awkward. If it were smaller weave that would be better.