Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Pot

If not for the interior coating I probably would have gone for this one.

I know there’s a non-teflon (or whatever) version out there.

Closer. This is a kitchen item,so good on ya. Now, just OXO-fy this woot-off for me.

Can it be used for deep frying?


Getting warmer…

I got one of these when they were last offered. The first thing I tried was using it for corn on the cob. The pot is heavier than it looks in the picture and it takes great advantage of the smaller burners. Good investment.

I wouldn’t use this for frying, but that’s just me.

I’ve got one, and have used it a few times.

If you are thinking about canning one jar of something, these are PERFECT here!

On mine, the handle on the basket needed some “re-formatting,” to lay flat. Not a big deal, though.


I purchased one of these last time around. I haven’t used it yet, but it seems to me to be a big light in terms of weight. I hope it works better than I am thinking it will.

Yes, I picked up the stainless steel version a while back on woot for the same price, but I haven’t seen it since - too bad. It is a much nicer version, and I would buy more if I could.

The woot-off is just about over - bring on the crapola that didn’t sell in the first 46 hours.

How can you cook corn on the cob in a 7 1/2" tall pot measuring 5" across? Unless it’s baby corn it will be taller than the pot.

I have been thinking about canning but I really would like a pot I can use for small batches of deep frying

Stand it on end. That is what this pot is designd for.


I got one last time, too. Only used it once so far (red face)
Mine was non-stick inside.
The “basket” has little legs to lift it up for steaming…but not very far…have to hope the lid works well.
I’d hoped the legs might have some kind of silicon “shoes” to avoid scratching the n/s coating, but they don’t.
As said, a solid purchase.

No, but it is great for boiling eggs, shrimp, etc. And for steaming veggies and things. The basket makes removal easy. I bought 3 last time and am happy with the purchase. It holds a dozen eggs easily and its size makes leaving it on the stove convenient.

If it was stainless steel… I would probably get it. But I really don’t like non-stick cookware… especially when there is no need for it.

Guys, this is listed as being stainless steel, as was mine from a while ago. (7/20/2012)
$16.00 on Sellout.Woot!

Mine is NOT stainless.

Works as advertised, but it is not Stainless Steel.


I dont like soggy bacon so I will pass on this one.

I don’t know where you live, but in Ohio most of the corn is longer than the pot is tall…

Maybe the corn is from a Drought area.