Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Pot

So it’s a pot with a basket inside? What does this 4th burner thing mean?

I was thinking it had a built-in hot plate or something…

I believe “Fourth Burner” refers to the small size, meaning you can stick it on your fourth, likely smaller, burner.

Just a guess, though.

Yeah, the name and the description doesn’t help much but I think that’s what it is. Or if you have all 4 regular burners and need multiple pots going, but your large ones are pushing one another off center, you could use one of these instead.

Man, this thing takes a lot of words to describe. I understand why the Woot writer gave in early.

It’s normally pretty tough to use all four burners at once on a typical stove because the pans are just too big. The idea here is that the small diameter lets you use a fourth burner while the height makes up for what would otherwise be lost volume. (My stove has five burners, and I still can never use four of them.)

I’ve come very close to ordering this in the past. I’ve hit the buy button with full intent only to back out after logging in. The only thing keeping me from buying is that I already have to store some of my kitchen stuff in other rooms due to lack of space. No idea at all where I’d store this. (And I already store three skillets right on the stove, so that’s not really an option.)

Well, I think this looks like the cheaper cousin of this pot: http://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-4th-Burner-Multi/dp/B00381ANTG

It has rave reviews, but judging from the one negative review that seems describes this product, I think the major differences are that this:

  1. is nonstick
  2. is not dishwasher safe
  3. is not induction suitable
  4. does not have fill marks
  5. uses bakelite instead of silicone

I’m having trouble finding more info about this though; it doesn’t even appear on Kuhn Rikon’s own website.

Bought this last time (about a month ago) it was offered at about $15. I love it. Use it mostly as a pot to boil water for my coffee press, but have used the basket for Noodles as well. Plan to use it for Veggie boiling too.

1 Con: Screw & Washer inside lid attaching handle to lid has RUSTED already! I’m not using the pot as long as there is rust, but I’m looking into replacing it with Stainless Steel. Seems like a silly, lazy thing to overlook…

I bought 3 of these as Festivus gifts before you lowered the price.
Thanks a lot, woot.

(I have the stainless steel version. i like it a lot.)

Well, bah! I finally broke down and ordered one. Where the samhill am I gonna put it? Prolly have to store it on the roof.

Is it stainless steel THIS TIME??

When I got mine, was advertised as stainless, and they were right. BECAUSE ALUMINUM is stainless. Steel, not so much!

I can scratch the bottom of my “stainless Steel” pot, with my fingernail.

Anyone from Amazon ()Woot!) want to comment, this time? Last time I was shunned!

No, I’m not what you’d call a “Noob” here. Been here since the beginning!

The silence has been DEAFENING!!


Oh, just so you know, as a stainless ALUMINUM pot, and as a tiny canning pot, it works JUST FINE!

Stainless, YES! Steel, well, if you can scratch steel with your fingernail, it is. However, I can’t!


Yes, it’s a pot with a basket. 4th burner means that if it catches on fire with a very flammable liquid inside, i.e. turpentine, and the liquid gets all over your, you may also catch on fire with 4th degree burns. So please be careful using this.

“Fourth Degree Burns
Fourth degree burns damage not only all of the skin in the burned area but also the underlying muscle, tendon and ligament. Very often fourth degree burns are fatal. If a patient survives a fourth degree burn then skin grafting is essential.”

Real quick: Last woot $3 more at $15.99:


and my comment last time:


Perfect for steaming ears of corn. Asparagus, too. Had to buy my mom one so she wouldn’t steal mine!

It’s great that this fits on a crowded stove and all (assuming you have no counterspace and always have more than three burners going for a while at once), but I’m not such a fan of the shape. Boiling liquids in a wider, shallower vessel is quicker because of the surface area (possibly reducing the need to be boiling so many things at once).

Also, you don’t get to stir whatever it is you’re cooking in this with something larger than chopsticks or an iced tea spoon without stuff spilling everywhere. In short, I’m not a fan of uni-task kitchen equipment.

Got one of these last time and tempted to get another - I really like mine! I use it for pasta and eggs. We do a lot of eggs around here since we raise chickens so it’s perfect for that. I wish the basket had a smaller grate at the bottom so the pasta would not fall out occasionally, but other than that love it so far.

Why exactly would anyone put flammable liquid inside?

I think it’s what the last guy in the group brings to Burning Man.

“I’ll bring the shrooms, she’ll bring the body paint, and you bring the lube.”

“What about that dude?”

“He’s the 4th Burner. He brings the funny-looking pot.”

Works great! I used it to keep canning lids warm when canning peaches - very helpful. If only there was a pot that peeled the fuzzy beasties!!!

I have a similar item from another manufacturer. Good for boiling eggs, etc.

Does the basket go all the way to the bottom? If so, how would you use it as a steamer since it is sitting in water at the bottom?