Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Pot

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I did ask the buyer about it last time but I don’t think we had a sample to figure it out.

Some Highlights of this Item
[]specifically designed to fit the smaller stove burners
]includes steaming basket
[]built-in draining holes
]clean pour spout
[]coated handle
]stainless steel construction
[]glass lid included
What to use it for?
]steam corn
[]heat broth
]warm milk or cream for white sauces

If Woot ever gets the plain, non-coated ones, I’d buy one.

Yeah, RIGHT! I’m callin’ “shens.”

TT, are these Stainless as has been advertised EVERY TIME, or are they aluminum, as I recieved.

Or, are you gonna delete THIS post?

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Yes, but I do NOT concur. And, I’ve got a non-Stainless to prove it!


Mine is stainless. Add to your list Pablo- great for steaming crab legs.

I like how they’re Star Trek TOS colors

Real quick
Previous woot: it was $1 more at $12.99

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They’re also great for steaming or boiling shrimp and boiling eggs (they fit an entire dozen). The cool thing is that after the shrimp or eggs are cooked, you can pull them out in the basket and put the whole bunch in cold water or sit under running water to cool off. Very handy. I bought three on a previous woot and haven’t regretted it. They don’t take up much room and I can even store my boiled eggs in one of them in the fridge. Hmmmm. Christmas presents?

When you store the eggs in the wire basket what do you tell Christmas guests what happened in the fridge ? Doesnt it stink pretty bad ?

Got one on the last Woot-Off, and I truly LOVE it. It stays out of the way of my skillets on the stove, fits perfectly on the warming pad on the back of my glass-top. It’s taller than I thought it would be, and far more substantial than I assumed as well. I am an iced tea fan, and it is great for boiling water in for a fresh pitcherful every other day or so, and it is also great for simmering soups, sauces, or gravies in when doing meats and veggies on the “big boy” burners. In for 3 more - two Christmas presents for my mom and S.I.L, and one for a spare for me!!

I have the all stainless nekid version of this, a gift sent from QVC. While it’s design is a convenient diameter and purpose for small, lesser BTU burners, it’s also its flaw. It’s a lot of pot to heat up before your liquid starts getting heated. Warming-yay, boiling-meh. To boil, I start on the big burner, then move to 4th burner on max.

Addendum- I use a builders packaged, electric, glass top stove. So gas or induction may be better.

I have exactly that model, which I got on Woot. Incidentally, the pot is also good for canning small quantities. It holds a couple small jars (3 of the 4-ounce ones or the squat pints), and the basket not only raises/lowers them but keeps them off the bottom of the pot so water can circulate.

I was trying to figure out how big the pot really was and I found this image that gives some perspective to it’s size. Its the same brand, but a different finish and handles.


Hope this helps others, like me, who haven’t seen one before.

Note: The picture above has an insulated basket handle that is not on the model being sold this round on Woot!. The model in the above picture was sold during the home-Woot-off on March 20, 2012.

If the basket goes all the way to the bottom, it’s not a steamer, it’s a boiler. Just a tall tea pot.

The red ones disappear fast…

Why does this guy get a quality post for repeating what’s on the Features tab? Let me try this.

Some specs for this item
[]Serves: 2 - 3
]Dimensions: 7.5”(H) x 5.5”(D)

In the box:

[]Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Multi Pot (Choose Color)
]Steamer Basket
[*]Glass Lid

Is this made from China?

The company is based in Switzerland, so I’d bet not made in China, but it wouldn’t be the first time I lost a bet.

Update: Someone should have bet me. Came in brown box, and the only thing on the box was a sticker with UPC code(7 05575 04213 4) and one word(Yellow). Sheet inside of basket states:

06/2011 Made in China ITem #4203
Kuhn Rikon Corp., 46 Digital Dr., #5, Novato, CA 94949 415.883.1101

Bottom of pot does bear the Name KUHN RIKON with SWITZERLAND and the plus(+) logo in the metal, along with a sticker 09/2011 MADE IN CHINA.