Kuhn Rikon Avocado Knife & Masher Set

I’ve been seeing these forever and it seems like it’s my last chance to buy it possibly. Is it worth the money? I would like to eat more avocados and if this makes it easier that’s more likely to happen.

Is it just me, or do those look like weed pipes?

Every time I see these I think of Leak Frogs.


unitaskers baaaaad

Got a set for the same price during the last woot-off. I love it, and use it almost every day. It scoops out the avocado effortlessly, and the masher allows you to make quick guac.

A leak frog just saved our newly renovated kitchen! And my husband thought they were a joke. Ha now!

I don’t know why avacadoes need special tools. Just use a large chef’s knife to cut it open, then hit the pit with the knife blade and twist to remove. Scoop out the avacado with a spoon and then mash with a potato masher for guac.

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

I guess this would be good if I didn’t already own a knife, a spoon and a masher.

I second this. Why are there so many “special” products that solve problems we don’t actually have? Use a butter knife to cut the avocado and get the pit out with your fingers, people.

I eat avocado regularly, and make guacamole as well. I’ve never, ever, felt I needed more junk in my kitchen to do it. I simple knife, spoon and fork seem to get the job done, 100% of the time.

Unless that thing will also mash potatoes, it seems redundant.


All these years I have somehow scooped out avocados with a spoon. Finally, a genius somewhere has figured out the proper device for this difficult procedure. Humanity, can sleep better…next we need a proper banana peeler.

That’s one utensil too many! A knife and a fork is all you need. Mexicans have been doing it that way forever. Why you would need what’s offered here is beyond me.

This has to be the dumbest, un-needed kitchen product ever developed!


Hubby and I have a set, and we LOVE it. We used the old knife and spoon bit before, and it worked just fine. But this is SO nice!

People don’t seem to understand the use of this product. It is a non-metalic coating. If you use a regular metal spoon, knife, or masher the avocado will turn brown very quickly because it reacts with the metal. With this set you can make guacamole and keep it for a few days rather it turning brown in a few hours.

Guacamole doesn’t last “a few days” at my house…we eat it up!

The metal has nothing to do with it. Oxygen turns avocados brown. It’s an enzyme deteriorating.