Kuhn RIkon Avocado Knife & Masher Set



Started off $9.99 at woot-off in July, then down to $7.99 woot-off and one non-woot-off:

now $5.99


Got 5 star reviews on QVC. May have to get for xmas presents.


I bought these on a Woot sale in September for $7.99. They’re well made and get the job done. The only part that I don’t get is how the spikes are supposed to remove the pit.


I imagine that you would use the spikes the same way as you would use a cleaver to remove the avocago. Cut the avocado in half around the pit, then embed the spikes into the pit, twist the knife one way while twisting the avocado in the other direction. The pit should twist out easily and without fuss. You might need to bang a spoon against the pit to unembed though. Way easier (and cleaner) than trying to scoop out the pit with a spoon. Plus, no worries about embedding the knife in so deep that you slice your hand by accident.

This makes me want to abandon my knife, spoon & cleaver.


got a set last time. very cool quality item. in for another. they are well made, sturdy, and look good. also the “blade” / masher parts are metal. i thought they would be plastic, but no. handles feel right, too. nice and grippy


I came in here to make a wisecrack question on why we need special tools for every type of food in the kitchen.

Then I remembered I have two friends who both cut their hand badly while cutting an avocado. Both required stitches and one required surgery! The kitchen is a dangerous place! Protect us specialty avocado slicer!


I have these and they are handy for other things besides processing avocados. I’ve used the “knife” to clean out and then scoop the flesh out of melons, and I’ve used the masher on small servings of roasted turnips, roasted radishes and potatoes. Use your imagination and this set will become much more useful to you.


Bought this set a few weeks back on a whim. My wife loved it! She makes guac all the time and you can use the masher for other stuff like bananas. They were a little smaller than I expected but get the job done just fine. This is a great price and I’m in for 5 more!


I believe you’re supposed to jab the pit with the spikes which allows you to easily pull the pit out.