Kuhn Rikon Can & Jar Opener Set



Mmmmm. Woot soup & pickles


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Bought this last time it was on sale. The can opener is mediocre but the JAR OPENER IS AWESOME!!! The jar opener works on jars from spaghetti sauce to gallons of milk. It is easy to use and VERY strong. The jar opener alone is worth the price of both.


Definitely worth this! Grabbed these last time on Woot, and have been impressed. My favorite part is the it cuts the side of the can so that the lid doesn’t fall back into the can. Plus, no jagged edges to worry about!

Bought my mom one too last time, and she loves it. Easy to use with her arthritis.

EDIT: forgot to mention, the jar opener is amazing! Works on everything, and even opens coke cans too with pull tabs!


bought these when they were on Woot the last time -
well worth it. solid construction, easy to use. the “jar” opener works for those stubborn 2-liter caps too. you know the ones I mean - they get stuck and it takes a Hulk to get them off w/o ripping up your hands? yeah. the Kuhn Jar Opener handles those like a boss


But what if I want monkey bits in my woot soup?

Quite useful tools, I’ll be buying a couple for gifts.


I’ve got the can opener and its great. It opens all cans really easily and there are never any razor-blades afterwards to cut off one or more of your fingers.


The jar opener seems silly- a rubber dish-washing glove will allow anyone to open ANY twistable lid; stuck jars, large and small bottles (even nail polish), soda cans, beer bottles, pull tabs and more are all included!


I’m going to be the guy that says he wants the can of Woot! Soup instead.


I bought one on the last woot and no lie that can opener sucked… it takes me forever to open a can and i have to twist it really tight to grasp the edge otherwise it keeps falling off. Do others have this issue? I don’t know if it’s defective or it’s just like this


protip: those aren’t pickles!! argh


I bought this item (3 of them) several weeks ago here on Woot. I found that it’s much easier to use than the electric can opener we have installed under the over head cabinets. I use it almost daily and it works just as advertised. It is convenient, effective and very well priced. If you buy this item, you will probably use it as frequently as I do.


This device gives you something that a rubber dish-washing glove does not: leverage.



Anyone know if the cutting wheel of the can opener is stainless steel?

I had a similar one and one trip in the dishwasher caused it to rust quite a bit, decreasing cutting ability and questionable sanitation.


I also bought this last time and looove it. The can opener is so fun to use I sometimes open cans for no reason…


Not so fast! Your “dishwashing glove trick” will not open a lot of jars that I’ve come up against. For example, try opening a jar of Dona Maria Mole. It’s as fantastic a taste treat as it is difficult to open. The jar opener handles it with ease.


And that’s not a protip!


So my wife can start being man of the house…? Nice try, Woot!


Ran it through many times, still works as well as day one!