Kuhn Rikon Cook and Serve Black 2-Qt Cookware Set

The product description says there’s a wooden spoon, but the photo of the package contents shows none. Which is it?
(And as a rule with all Woot sites, which one takes precedence… the photo or the description?)

Does anyone know if this pot works on an induction cooktop?

There is a wooden spoon inside the package. I picked a set up the last time this was offered in a different color. It was a great Christmas gift.


According to Sur la Table, it is induction-cooktop safe.

This seems like a nice item, even without the sleeve. Stainless is great and easier to work with than many people think.

And Kuhn Rikon says it’s suitable for induction too.

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These are AWESOME! I got them when they were on before Christmas. I am so glad I bought 3. I used mine about a dozen times over the holidays and I gave each of my daughters-in-law one. They are great for buffets, pot lucks and for holding dinner for someone working late.

I missed these but hope they run them again. I would even like a larger size one if they are available!