Kuhn Rikon Frosting Deco Pen

It’s actually quite difficult to use. I prefer an icing bag any old day.

The proverbial icing on a fairly bland home.woot cake.

Mmm…now I’m hungry.

It has mixed Amazon reviews. ETA: If it’s the same pen which it seems it is you are getting a nice discount if you did want to try it.


Can be used in the kitchen or the bedroom.

Well if the decorations in the main picture are any indication of what it can do, I’ll pass. It looks unwieldy.

Trying to woot with no luck. Help!

Exactly what she says… and really a pain to clean.

Are these well built? I’ve had some of these that break rather quickly…

Kuhn’s marketing department needs help if that cupcake with the drizzle on it is there idea of the way to sell this thing. If Kuhn employees can’t use this thing…??

Ditto, ditto, ditto to both comments, difficult to use and a major PITA to clean.

You are better off with a zip lock with a little tiny cut at the end.

I tossed mine after a few fails. lol

seems like one of these things that’s battery powered for no real reason. are people too lazy to just squeeze?

That’s what she said.

almost got this last time, and at the last second decided to order a box of slip tip 20cc sterile syringes. better control over the icing, and best of all, if you’re quick, you can slurp up over-icings.
Also, sterile needleless syringes run about 5 cents each. easy to wash or treat as disposable.

What a fantastic idea, I’m definitely going to try this!

What a great idea! Thank you for that tip!

If you guys do try it (and I suggest you do) make sure to get “slip tip” syringes, and NOT luer lock. the icing would get all gummed up in the luer lock tip, i think.

I never would have though years as a vet tech would help in the kitchen!

I am so going to try this! I too have experience with pets & syringes…and duh, never thought of that! I have used squeeze bottles before and while they do work, it is harder to keep a flow going.

Thanks again!