Kuhn Rikon

These knives are a returning favorite - be warned, they are sharp! :slight_smile:

I owned a similar Jamie Oliver shaker, with a solid ceramic ball. It was able to crush and muddle (I like that word), including itself…only lasted 3-4 uses before cracking on me. If used for mixing dressings, the ceramic ball would end up too slippery to easily remove.

This one won’t be able to crush or muddle, but the open ‘whisk’ style ball would sure be easier to grab on to when you’d need to get it out.

Does anybody know if the animal print knife sets come in a gifty kind of box set, or would they need to be re-boxed for proper gift giving?

The knife set I got came in a plain cardboard box.

I’ve got the stainless version of the “4th burner pot” - paid twice as much and worth every penny. Tall and narrow, great for smaller servings of spaghetti. Included basket is great for steaming veggies, boiling eggs, and much more.

OK, on these knives, this is a 3 piece set. One knife and 2 covers, or 2 knives and one cover?

I’m only mentioning this, because with L&L or Pyrex, (and a LOT of other stuff) one piece is ONE PIECE. That lid is another piece! (Is there REALLY a difference between a lid and a cover??)

ThunderT, care to weigh in here? Can we get some consistancy here? (Or, is that asking Amazon’s advertising staff too much?)


Taken from the specs:
(1) Kuhn Rikon Cutlery Set includes:

(1) 6” Chef’s Knife with Sheath
(1) 4” Paring Knife with Sheath
(1) Mini Cleaver Knife with Sheath

I got the Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Pot last time it was on Woot and I love it. My only issue is the handle doesn’t feel quite sturdy and I wish that the lid had a lock mechanism on it. The other night I dropped all my macaroni in the sink while straining it, so beware. Other than that I use it for just about everything. Steaming dumplings, broccoli, boiling eggs and hot dogs… Definitely worth the money.

The 4th burner pot is an excellent size/shape for steaming corn on the cob! My husband and I live in an apartment with a tiny stove, tiny storage, etc., and the it’s perfect. We love it!

OK, the last time I got Pyrex, an 8 piece (or whatever) set was 4 pieces of Pyrex, and 4 more of plastic. (The lids.) When I’ve gotten Lock&Lock same thing. Divide the number in half, to get the right amount of REAL pieces

BUT, these knives, the covers don’t count as pieces.

I just wish there was some consistancy here. 3=6. or 28=14.

How about, let’s just give the number of sets, (like was done here) or the total number of discrete things in the order, (like was NOT done here)

Pick one. Doesn’t really matter which one. Just STICK with a SINGLE method of numbering!


Am I out of line here?

No. I’m NOT in advertising. I’m just trying to figure out what I’m getting. In this single order, I’ve ordered 3 things. But, when the box comes, there are 6 totally different things that I can drop on the floor. (If Woot! gets the order correct.) When I ordered an order of L&L, it listed 28 things. I got 28 different (well, some of them were copies) discrete things.


The 4th burner pot is very popular for small batch canning.

“Please Note: Cutting board is NOT included”

Woot!, please remove this disclaimer, and instead, should anyone complain about not receiving a cutting board, FedEx them a monkey programmed to slap their face upon opening.

I have the can and jar opener set, and gifted my mom with a pair as well. We both love them very much… well, the can opener at least. We don’t really have use for the jar opener, though the few times we tested it, it worked just like it said it would. I was amazed that the can opener really did open the cans without leaving sharp edges anywhere–ran my finger around the rim and didn’t cut myself at all. Does make draining cans a little harder, but for everything else, it’s pretty awesome.

Got the knives, can and bottle opener set, and the 4th burner pot.

I’m quite impressed. The pot will be and has been) used as a canning pot, and performs the functions just fine. Can opeer works just as billed.

The knives. WATCH OUT!! In the trade, we’d call them “scary sharp.” Took the Suntoku style blade out of the box and the sheath, wetted my left forearm, and created an instant bald spot. Try that with ANY other knife, out of the box!