Kunde Estate 2008 Viognier Four - Pack

Kunde Estate 2008 Viognier Four - Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: White
Product: 4 2008 Kunde Estate Viognier
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This seems like a first. The Winery has this at $13 a bottle. Which makes this the first time I’ve seen Woot actually offer a negative deal. But the deal seems to exist only on the shipping…

I am unexcited, unless there’s something I’m missing.

EDIT: Looks like it was a misprice. Woot is now offering this at $45 for the set, which goes from “not actually a deal” to “quite a nice deal.” Ignore me and buy wine. Very good.

Agreed. Certainly not the deals we’re used to from Woot.

Dang. The red drinker’s white, and from a proven winemaker at that.

Why so invested in disrupting the guest bath remodel, wine.woot? You’re killin’ me here.

Intrigued… but need more info… would like to see the spreadsheet on this one…

I just priced this out on their site and the only way to get it is air shipped.

That means its $52 + 26 for shipping 4 bottles

$78 on their website and 65 on woot shipped

Odd deal but still a deal.

Yeah, though I’m used to a better than a $13 deal from Woot is all.

Fixed it.

You are the man!


$12.50/bottle shipped makes this a very tempting deal…

Has anyone had this Kunde? I know their reds are popular but I haven’t had any of their wines.

Can any of you who are more technically inclined as me (gcdyersb, PS, etc.) talk about the numbers? Looks to be a nice, acidic white, yes?

That’s better.

Now work on that avatar.

Pot-kettle? J/k, merbill.

WD, I assume we are adjusting existing invoices accordingly, yes?

More wine n00b questions:

Is this wine to be drank soon?
I’ve read that white wines are usually meant to be drank “young” (could be wrong). Can this be “aged”/saved for later?

Mighty strong words from somebody with a fish on their head.

Just sayin’…

My understanding is that (part of) what makes Viognier special is its fragrant, often floral aromas. These wondrous smells fade with time. This isn’t to say that these wines would not age well, but I personally would drink most of them sometime this year.

Any chance this might be a sweeter Viognier? I don’t really know what the numbers mean, but I do like a touch of sweetness behind my whites.

Did they just lower the price?

Much more woot worthy deal now!

Dood. You’ve met me. The fish works with my complexion and we both know it.

At a Residual Sugar level of 0.27g/100mL, or 2.7g/L, this would be perceived as dry.