Kunde Estate Trio



Mmmmmmmm… Barbera. (where’s Hanna?)

Kunde Estate Trio
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Aged
1 Kunde Estate 2002 Claret
1 Kunde Estate 2003 Vallee de la Lune
1 Kunde Estate 2003 Barbera

I really like the sound of ALL THREE of these wines, but not sure if I can swing ANOTHER $100 on wine (I refuse to buy only a single wine.woot).


Damnit, where’d the sake go?


Very Interesting Blends!

Website: www.Kunde.com
$25.00 for the 2002 Claret
$23.00 for the Vallee de la Lune
$28.00 for the Barbera

Total = $76.00 not including shipping.

I’m in for 2 :slight_smile:


This looks somewhat interesting, But I will have to wait for some discussion to decide.


I’m really interested to hear form the winemaker this week. What do you think Corrado, any chance of a sell-out this week? Good price vs. good mix? (Pun slightly intended)


Looking at their website, these three retail for $76. Good woot deal!


Article on the Winery http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/chronicle/archive/2006/09/22/WIG6AL8HFS1.DTL


Might be a good deal, but I just don’t feel this one. I’m not a huge fan of mixes, and I’m on a single income with a child. While I kinda want this to try i, I don’t think that it’s in my best interests right now. Hit me up in 2 weeks, when I get paid. :smiley:


Grenache, Mourvedre blended with Zin and Petite Sirah… never seen that one before. Should be fun.

An Article on Kunde Winery


This looks interesting(notice a theme so far?). A different selection, and different is good. I await more information, but its looking like a winner.


I can’t wait to hear more about this… sounds like something I would be interested in.


I have been able to taste a few wines from kunde, and I must say these people know what they are doing… I have not had these, but I look forward to see if they meet my already high expectations.


after a dry (pun very much intended) spell, arizona is back on the list! and i love blends. waiting to hear a little from the vineyard (hopefully) but expecting to bite soon.


nerolias have you had any blends by kunde, or were they single varietals? care to elaborate?


Aside from price, no ‘wine’ last week, so the winos are likely to be itching to buy. The limiting factor this week is under 500 cases produced, so there may a low enough stock with high enough demand (at a decent price point) to sell out.


Have had the pleasure to sample a Barbera before (from Reverie, small napa vineyard where it is annually their best seller) and am itching to pull the trigger on this offering as well. Anyone else have others (possibly the same Barbera as myself) and Kunde’s offering to offer a point of comparison?? I am not acquainted with the other blends so input there would be very valued as well!

(wishing i was not so poor so that i could purchase without further consideration or investigation!!)


Kunde is my favorite winery in the Napa/Sonoma area. I always drop by there everytime I go up. Their dessert wines are incredible. I’m on for these blends, my first wine.woot.


Because blends are consistently some of my favorite wines and because Indiana has been off the list for what seems like forever, I’m jumping in early on this one. Looking forward to trying this wine!


Granache??? Yum. Probably my absolute favorite varietal.

Would be interested to know about the drinking windows and obviously comments on the wines in general. With the combination of a Cabernet and a Granache blend the question for me is 2 or 3 trios??? Hmmm…

Plus, some reviewer on CellarTracker claims that their Barbera sets the standard that all others are rated against. (for him anyway) shrugs