Kunde Family Estate 2007 Dunfillan Cuvee - 3 Pack

Kunde Family Estate 2007 Dunfillan Cuvee - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2007 Kunde Dunfillan Cuvee, Sonoma Valley
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Interesting blend, anyone had this?

I have not. But the Kunde 2004 cab offered here earlier this year may have had the best QPR of any wine I’ve purchased from wine.woot. In for one.

Looks to be a good value, $35 from the winery and over $36 in the CT community. May just have to punch that stupidly large button.

Some winemaker notes:

Gentle handling of the fruit was followed by a three day cold soak. Selected yeasts were used to ferment these wines with aggressive pumpovers, including delestage, early in fermentation to maximize the deep color. Later, we reduced pumpover times to avoid overextraction of tannins. After a series of rackings in tank, the wine went to barrel to age. The wine was aged for 18 months in small French oak barrels, 58% new, and bottled in July 2009.

I’m curious how this would compare to the 2007 Ortman Cuvee Eddy from a while back.

2004 Vintage = 85 pts on CT

2005 Vintage = 87 pts on CT

2006 Vintage = 91 pts on CT

2007 Vintage = ???

Anyone out there tried this exact one? If the trend continues, it looks to be great!


If this was the 2004 Drummond cab they had here a while back, I’d be on this like white on rice…but not sure about this, although 2007 was a great red wine year in this region…hmmmm…someone push me in to buying this :slight_smile:

2006 91 pts, outstanding, hope 2007 as good, got my 1st first wooter on this one, Yah!


2006 was a good year for wine in this region, but 2007 was a spectacular year, so if the 2006 got 91 pts, theoretically 2007 should be a few points higher!

It’s 52% Syrah, and 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, which reminds me of the Havens Black & Blue (a terrific wine!).

I’m waffling…

In for one, just to get bsevern off the fence.

This sounds delicious, I just really wish I didn’t have car insurance due in a few days.

Or taxes on Monday…

yes, Kunde has great QPR by and large. Plus they are really cool people.

OK, I’m in for one!

Okay okay, rep of the vineyard combined with the quality of reds that year, I broke down and did it. I have no regrets, only wine.

come on dude, where’s your sense of adventure? it’s like playing the stock market.

Bought the 2004 last time it was offered. My f-i-l asked if he can get a case :slight_smile:

in for 2 and hoping its fantastic

= in for one!