Kunde Family Estate Mixed Case

Kunde Family Estate Mixed Case
$119.99 + $5 shipping
2 2006 Sonoma Valley Merlot
2 2006 Sonoma Valley Syrah
2 2007 Sonoma Valley Zinfandel
2 2007 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
2 2009 Magnolia Lane Sauvignon Blanc
2 2008 Sonoma Valley Viognier
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Cheron98 has some serious work to do making this spreadsheet.

Wow…a whole case! I have to seriously consider this. Kunde has excellent juice, and although this is their less expensive label I suspect this represents good value.

What to do…hmm…

Courtesy of CJ:

So join or create a gathering thread now!


Yeah, I am seriously tempted by this as well. Anyone have any more detailed thoughts on this Kunde collection?

Kunde was responsible for some of the early Woot Cellar offerings IIRC. Monkey Prize and Humbug and possibly Polyphemus.

Uh…whoa. Shipped case for $125? Kunde is pretty good stuff. I don’t really have anywhere to put twelve more bottles (and just spent a lot of money I don’t actually have on plane tickets for the holidays), but this is a super deal.

I’m interested to see how many of these we’ve got to go around and how many “somebody want to split a case?” posts we get.

Christmas has come early at woot. A case at under tenner a bottle!

The owner of kunde 's a nice affable guy. I think WD got him drunk for this deal. Reserves are officially $40 though a lot of 05 cases at $20 on wtso. These I suspect are about 50% off.

So now you have your Christmas presents, too! :wink:

Wow, a case of assorted Kunde wine for $125 shipped? Woot! I’m in!

The wines are not that expensive. they go for $12-14.40 individually on their website. and 15% off the rice if you buy a case. However, i dont think their website offers a mixed wine case like this.

Buying this case on woot versus individually on their website saves you like $30-40.

Heh, I don’t think my parents would be too happy to see my underage little brothers unwrap bottles of wine on Christmas morning. And all my friends who typically have carte blanche access to my “cellar” would just feel gypped. But I bet I could make a lot of friends at the school Christmas party with this stuff. :happy:

Sweet mother of fur. This makes that Costa Del Sol stuff looks overpriced.

OTOH, the vintages (esp. for the reds) look a little recent for current drinking. More wine for the 178-bottle wine cooler (sold separately).

(Or, at the rate w00t is selling wine, the 1,078-bottle wine cooler…)

Wine Insiders has 12 bottle assortments for the same price.

Yeah, Richard was referring to Kunde’s Reserve bottlings, a level up, so to speak, from this stuff. Still, I’m sure there’s enough quality to go around at the Kundes’.

Edit: Did some more research. Apparently “Kunde Family Estate” and “Kunde Estate” are interchangeable, and they must have recently redone their labels, since many of the ones on CT are different from the picture here (though I’ve seen labels like these in other places as well).

Dude, no one’s done it yet, but you can apparently get two. TWO cases of wine for $5 shipping. Mindblowing.

Prices out from Kunde to $204.00 - 15%case (-$30.60) plus shipping (+$36) so ~ $210 for an approximately $85 difference.

Had the viognier from the last time; love it. Very citrus-grapefruit, not really a winter type but.

Interesting that they mention working through prohibition by selling sacramental wine. I just finished a book called Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition (amazon link) that actually goes into quite a bit of detail on that.

Wineries had to either to make connections with churches and rabbis to sell sacramental wine or resort to selling preserves and other products or fruit juices, and grape bricks (dried and pressed grapes) that could be bought and then easily could be “accidentally” fermented by the customer with legally obtained yeast.

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