Kunde Sonoma Valley Red Cuvée (4)

Kunde Sonoma Valley Red Cuvée 4-Pack
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2012 Kunde Dunfillan Cuvée, Sonoma Valley, Destination Series

Kunde is a favorite of ours; haven’t seen them on WW in a looooong time. I picked up a case of their Dunfillan Cuvee few years ago (the 2011 or 2009 maybe?) and it was excellent. I think I might even still have one bottle in the cellar :slight_smile: Haven’t tried this vintage but I’m sure its excellent.

Ahhh…Kunde. Instantly I am transported back to the RPM History Tour and our hillside tasting. When I close my eyes, I can still see the view.

I don’t recall tasting this particular wine, but I remember that everything we tasted was well made. In fact, my “sleeper” favorite of the entire Tour was the Kunde Gewurtraminer. I bought a bottle in the tasting room, and later joined the wine club just to get a case.

So I’m in for one. Were this the Gerwurtz, I’d be in for three!

As with the above wooters I do enjoy Kunde and the winery is a really nice stop between Sonoma and Santa Rosa. These particular wine sounds a bit more extracted.

Looks like I may have to dig out a bottle of the '07 still resting in the cellar to, lacking rats, help me decide on this one that’s even a couple bucks less now than the '07 was a bit over four years ago.

Good Morning Wine Wooters!

I hope you enjoy this red blend being offered up today at Woot. It is a delicious Cabernet / Syrah blend - with 51 % Cabernet in this mix. While not a monster wine on the palate, the finesse and acid structure makes it a great wine to pair with a wide range of food styles. Our favorite pairing? Try this new recipe just loaded on the Kunde web site http://www.kunde.com/maple-pork-chops Yummy!

Welcome back, been a long time.

A few questions.
pH of this 2012,
how do the '07 and '12 compare,
how much life do you think remains in the 2007 Kunde Estate Dunfillan Cuvee I’m sitting on?


so glad to have Kunde back in the woot fray!

Marcia is one of the best.

Dunfillin is a great wine to offer guests as they walk into your home this holiday season. Cabernet Sauvignon offers the structure and Syrah increases the body and fruit flavors. This blend finds mouth filling balance and complex flavor which will leave your guests asking for more. Being estate grown and bottled, you should feel good to know there are no concentrates added.

Inspired by your question, we opened a bottle of the 2007. There is still nice pronounced acid and the wine is showing gobs of Chocolate! Tight on first pour, so we’ll report back as it opens up on the counter.

The 2012 shows a pH of 3.77.

4 hours later, a cherry character has come up above the chocolate, but alas this one should be consumed now to make room for the 2012!

I can’t think of a much better reply.
Are the two at all similar, how do they differ?
I’ll pop an '07 this evening as well…

The blends are very similar with only one percentage point difference in the composition. I will tell you that the 2012 is a real pleasure right out of the bottle!

Oh man, I forgot about their recipe section! There are a lot of dangerous and delicious recipes on that list!