Kung Fu Bunnies

Such wrascally wabbits.

Such a pun; I think it might be love, true blue bunny doing your own stunts like Jackie Chan love.

They look to adorable to be fighting.


Have to say the bunnies are more adorable.

Yeah, I’m not wearing that. It did make me chuckle, though! :slight_smile:
(The carrot nunchuks are a nice touch)

Does anyone know if shirt woot shirts are pre-shrunk or not? I’d like to know so I can pick my correct size.

Awwww… I want sumbunnys. (I wouldn’t mind a pair of carrot numchuks either) teehee.

Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head … aaagh!

S, THAT’s what it says…

And if you’re new here. Another related shirt (one of my favorites!)

It was a lil bit frightening, but they did it with expert timing…

Am I missing something? I see the tote. I want the tote. No option for tote :frowning:

I’m sorry, that option was only available day of launch, but hopefully we’ll be able to bring them back again one day!

I want a tote too =( …and so does my bunny rabbit, she thumped in disapproval that they are not available!

Hats! we need Hats!