Kwikset Smart Lock Conversion Kit (Your Choice)

Kwikset Smart Lock Conversion Kit (Your Choice)

What is an Amazon Cloud Cam? Item description stated it’s needed with the lock device.

It’s an internet connected camera that can act as a ZigBee hub. They say it’s required because the “Amazon Key” program (they unlock the door and leave packages inside) requires a camera and smart lock.

You can also use this with an Echo Plus, which is also a ZigBee hub. I have one, and I use it this way. I think you can also connect it to other ZigBee hubs, but I have not tried it yet.

Love it, buy it! My main reason for purchasing this was be able to tell if my door was locked or unlocked from the other end of the house. It was too far for me to see the lock itself. The flashing light every 6 seconds solved that wonderfully. For security reasons I only enabled the lock function not the unlock(I can do it manually through Alexa but not the voice command). I do not have the key cam as part of my setup. I have the Echo Plus which has the Zigbee Hub on it. I was able to connect directly to that bypassing the cam(which is no longer sold). I will point out you cannot use the key app without the cam so any codes or text to open whatever will not work. It did turnout however that without the app or any skills the lock, unlock commands are available through both voice and the Alexa app. The device was simple enough to install though mine also came with the critical piece upside down. LUCKILY after a few minutes I remembered reading in a previous review about this quickly looked it up and made the fix allowing me to complete the install. I set up a routine to turn on the entryway light when the lock is unlocked so I don’t need to keep it on the whole time I’m out wasting electricity and I put a wait of 5 minutes and then have it turned off in case I forget. I also set up a routine with a reminder message when the lock is unlocked in case there is something I’m supposed to remember to take when I leave. All in all its worked well for me. I bought it hoping those that said you did not need the cam if you had the Zigbee hub were right and they were. Luckily I bought the Echo Plus (1st gen well worth the price) on great sale here on Woot before this and at last check its now even cheaper.

Yes, this functions as Zygbee device, I just paired to my smart things hub v2 through the smart things application. You need to set “Zigbee Lock” type from administration page of Smart Things, because It’s not identified as “lock” by default. Now, I will handle some custom things about smart things programming with “webCoRE” through “SmartApp” section in Smart Things app.

This is an amazon cloud cam device only not the quickset convert that can used with other hubs. Amazon apparently no longer sells the cloud cam, I tried, so this is effectively useless unless you have a cam laying around