Kwikset SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt with SmartKey

Kwikset SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt with SmartKey

You can set the combination to your door using any of the following numbers

  • 12
  • 34
  • 56
  • 78
  • 90

You can also buy lottery tickets using the keypad and your credit card

What is the temperature range that this unit will operate?

mine worked today and it’s below zero. The electronics are mostly on the inside.

What a strange device.

These are popular down here in Florida. After you get past the understanding that one button controls 2 numbers (and describing it to the people who use it), they work well. They do eat batteries for lunch though, so plan to change them twice a year and have a backup method for getting in when they die and lock you out, which they WILL do, it’s just a matter of time.

Lots of other companies use modified versions of these for their own products (like smart home companies).

BTW, I think the idea of one button controlling 2 numbers feels like a marketing scam but the math makes it a little more palatable. It makes it feel like you have 10 numbers to use for the combo, but in reality you only have 5 buttons. The device allows you to set a 4 to 8 number (button) combo. Most people only use a 4 digit combo that I see, so the user thinks they have 10000 (10^4) combinations for 4 digit codes made up of 10 numbers, but in reality the user only has 5^4 or 625 combinations. Still a decent deterrent though, but nowhere near preventable. An 8 digit code of 10 numbers should be 10^8 or 100M possible combinations, but it’s ‘only’ 5^8 or 390k+ different combinations.

Long story short, even the worst combination is still 625 different combinations, and that would take a while to go through, but if someone wanted in bad enough it wouldn’t take long (maybe 30 minutes to try all 625 combinations). Life pro tip: Make your combinations at least 6-8 numbers that isn’t your phone number.

I looked through all the linked info and didn’t see anything about a temperature rating. As @specialbuddy mentioned, the mechanics/electronics are inside so they stay warm.

Bought this the last time around. I live in San Diego, so I can’t comment on weather. I am surprised at how long the batteries last. I went a good 1.5 years before replacing them. The low battery LED wasn’t flashing, but I was getting a little uneasy rolling the dice on batteries for so long!

Buttons are still good after so many uses too. I expect this deadbolt to last a long time.

Thanks for the info. Bummer looks like the brass model is sold out

I have these on my house. About 5 years old. They work great. As far as trying all combinations to unlock a door. It’s way faster and easier to kick the door in or smash the glass and unlock from the inside.

I upgraded mine with a Z wave card and connected them to my Wink system. It’s pretty useful because you can get Push notifications when the batteries get low.

It locks you out after 3 wrong combos and starts beeping. Most devices have something that deters brute force attacks. So even if you managed to hook a robot up to this it would take forever.

I have Schlage Camelot (with a button for each number) and it is fantastic. Solid workhorse and best purchase of year. I paid around $100 for it and worth every penny. I would not hesitate to buy it vs this model from Kwikset even if Woot gave it away.