Kyocera Advanced Cutlery

The Mandolin Slicer is the same price as on Amazon when you include the $5 shipping so not much of a bargain

Kyocera CSN-202-BK Adjustable Mandolin Slicer, Black

Wait, Kyocera? Like the old school cell phone company Kyocera? Is this what they are resorting to now?

Kyocera was involved in both ceramics and electronics long before the advent of cell phones.


Signed, Lefty

Be very careful when using a mandolin as you could slice off a finger very easily if you don’t always use the supplied handle.

Never, never, never try to slice the last remaining bit using just your fingers.

They used to make decent stereo equipment as well. So sad.

Amazon price now $19.95. This model was “Highly Rated” in May '14 Cooks Illustrated comparison of mandolines.

I nipped the tippy tip of my finger off the FIRST time I used one… yes… USE THE GUARD!

Who would have thought Kyoto Ceramics would sell ceramics?