Kyocera Bluetooth Dongle Stereo Earphones



Did anyone else get a leak frog come up but then when you click in it send you to the earbuds? Weird.

Sellout does that a lot. Yahoo takes up to an hour to update the pic on the Yahoo Shopping page.

leakfrog was yesterday
maybe they just haven’t updated yet?

leakfrog was last nights item…

at least it’s new. I hate used dongles.

so is that the right picture and if so. I don’t get it. if it is bluetooth, why is there a cord conneted to the headphones?

Yeah, I don’t get it either…
What Am I missing?

anyone know if this is usb powered / recharged?

because the dongle fits into your pocket, or you can get the TXCKT10161 and hang the big dongle off of your ears

The dongle itself is bluetooth. You clip it to your shirt, put in pocket, then wear your headphones. This just allows you to connect wirelessly to your phone/computer/whatever you want to listen to music on that is BT enabled.

The description isn’t so good. But I think I want one…

looks like you can plug any headset into it and still have a2dp since the mic is in the dongle, correct me if i am wrong

My google-fu is not so great for this one. Can anyone find a manual? I’d like to see some information on the controls (voice dial, redial, etc.) before I buy… 'cos it’s definitely interesting.

kyocera is good.
Bluetooth spec 1.2 is not good.

Ahhhhhhhhh! now I get it. still don’t see a reason to buy that, but now I understand. If I wanted bluetooth, I’d rather spend a 30 bucks and get a full bluetooth head set from newegg.

LOL. nvm 18.99 for an LG headset

The Guide:

A Review:

Click on the picture to see the USB adapter.