Kyocera Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit


in for 1


product(s): 1 Kyocera Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit TXCKT10085/92
condition: New
$12.99 + $5 shipping


This has been on woot before. Boo. Already got it for less anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oversized and over priced for


I got this in the August Woot-Off. The people I am talking to when I use it can hardly hear me . . . I do not recommend this item.


Not a bad price

List price is 69.99 from

But has been cheaper at woot and people have complained of audio quality


LG’s Chocolate phone actually fits the product description.

It’s got all the latest doodads, including Bluetooth…and no speakerphone. wtf mate?


I especially enjoy how in the product description, woot admits that this product is pointless.

wtg. I can’t wait to see this in the next wootoff when, once again, NOBODY WILL WANT IT.


Better than some others I’ve seen.


My wife wants a bluetooth headset, I guess I’l hold out for that instead of take a $18 chance on this.


my brother got this and he hated it, escpecially since it couldn’t upload his contacts


The Chocolate does have a speakerphone. Unless you are referring to the older model. But the current model (LG8550) has a speakerphone touch button right on the front screen.


Look Ma! No hands. It’s cordless!


Just curious what version bluetooth would this be compatible.


not bad, but i really don’t like talking on the phone while driving regardless…


yup it was in the August 30 wootoff at 19.99, I declined to purchase then and again now.


nothing good to say about any of these kyocera devices from amazon
Amazon link
not the same model, but looks damn close

any woot offs here yet? i haven’t been faithfully monitoring this site yet


They forgot the ‘W’ in the description (first word). I like to notice things like that.