Kyocera Bluetooth Stereo Headset



Eh… i can’t figure out the last bluetooth headset i bought from woot lol. I’ll pass


why does it say new, oem?


nice, might have grabbed one up if I didn’t just buy the “Philips Bluetooth MP3/Cell Phone Headset” last week


Anyone familar with the brand? How easy is it to pair up?


Nice but I don’t think my phone is compatible…Woot woot


i just recieved my phillips headset from last weeks woot. These things are awesome, can’t comment on this particular set or brand though.


i’d get it if it came with the 3.5mm adapter :x


Another great price: Froogle


Don’t have an iPhone nor a cell phone that plays MP3s. I am in the market for a new headset but this one is a bit above my head. Wish there was a regular phone headset out there for us Wooters.


Obligatory Froogling, as well as a Wikipedia article for Kyocera.


I got these a few woot offs ago and can’t get them to work. I have a fairly new samsung phone and it does not find these when browsing blue tooth devices. This is not to say I am not doing something wrong (which I doubt) but fair warning for those who buy this product.


Reviews on amazon say its good…so tempting.


Just wait until the next woot off, there will be like 20 different kinds to choose from.


First post. Does this headset work with notebook computer that has bluetooth?


tarbell: which phone do you have? not a a707 i hope.


Last time this was sold, some people reported receiving it in a plastic bag instead of the typical hard plastic (scissors required) packaging. That’s probably what they’re selling here.

Very easy - just power on holding the |> Play button until the lights flash blue/red. Follow your other devices pairing instructions, and it should pair within seconds. It supports several modes for pairing, so something should connect.

I’ve gotten one to work with a bluetooth dongle. Keep in mind that some (mostly older) bluetooth equipment and drivers don’t support stereo headsets, and you might be limited to the headset profile.

PS- If you bought the Philips bluetooth headphones the other day, these can pair with the 3.5 stereo transmitter that comes with them.


Keep in mind that these require the device you pair to be Bluetooth equipped. They don’t come with a bluetooth to 3.5mm jack adapter dongle.


I got a pair of these, when they came with the nicer case. I LOVE them. They pair up with my Moto RIZR and my HP laptop as soon as I turn them on. They have a good range (I can walk into the kitchen or back bedroom and they stay connected to the laptop in the living room).

As a phone headset, they totally rock. I can hear very clearly, and the other person can hear me with no trouble at all. Good, long battery life.

I just picked up 3 more.


I have trouble with getting this to pair with my new phone… my Samsung recognizes it, but I don’t hear a thing out of the headphones when making a call. Haven’t tried much after that though…