Kyocera Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Headset

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Kyocera Bluetooth Wireless Speaker w/Headset TXCKT10160
condition: New

$24.99 + $5 shipping

Do you froogle like I do? has it for $19.99 dunno how much shippin gis…

how comfy are these?

it comes with a lanyard? People wear these speaker things around their neck??? LoL!

hmmm… doesnt have anything about a lanyard in their description. Perhaps an error in woot’s?
edit - looks like there’s one in the pic on site, so i guess it does come with one.

Now it looks like I can rip out my landline. Except for the DSL that rides in on it.

Geeks has it for 29.99 plus 10 bucks for shipping…

I have one of these, though I’ve yet to power it up and use it!

yeah i wouldnt have either.

Something that hideous looks like it came from the Dollar Tree.

What is the speaker for? Isn’t there a speaker option on every cell phone?


my phone dosnt have blue tooth already woot stop selling blue tooth stuff

Patience, Smily, don’t despair…Woot will doubtless offer a Bluetooth cell phone in the near future and resolve your angst.

knowing woot, they would sell a bluetoothless phone

Just in case this wasn’t a joke and you were laughing at people who would wear a speaker around their necks, the lanyard is probably for the headset. My Jabra headset came with one. It makes it easier to carry the headset for some people.

If you carry your phone in a case, purse, backpack, etc., the speaker allows you to at least answer calls without having to take the phone out.

Found this:
if anyone is interested.

Also this:

Some versions of Blackberry dont come with a built-in speaker.

This seems like it would be great if you play Warhawk on PS3. When you play split screen, now all players in the room can hear and participate in the conversation.