Kyocera Ceramic Cutlery

The mandolin (“adjustable slicer”) is the second-best rated mandolin as reviewed by Cook’s Illustrated. That said, if you add the shipping cost of $5.00 you might as well purchase it from Amazon where it lists for $22.45 (shipped free with Prime).

Come on, Woot, you know we’re not stupid. True “deals” seems to be disappearing form this site on a daily basis. I used to visit multiple times per day, down to once per day, now down to once every few weeks or when I’m looking to avoid work. Bad trend.

For me Amazon is showing the mandoline at $19.95 w/prime. Woot - what do?

The black slicer’s currently selling for $19.95 on Amazon - with Prime.

However, the knife block set is still a pretty decent deal, if you’re in the market for a set. They are pretty fantastic knives.

I’ve switched over completely from metal knives to ceramic and will never go back. They are SHARP (and I’m a klutz, so there was a minor adjustment period when I first started using them a few years ago)…

Definitely eyeing the block set. I only have one prized Kyocera ceramic chef’s knife in my collection and want more. And the block would be especially nice to have. You need to be careful with ceramic knives when you store them as they are very brittle. No throwing them in a drawer with other cutlery or into the sink with other dirty dishes or they will chip or break.

If you take care of them, though, ceramic knives will stay sharp for a really long time and serve you very well!

I have a Kyocera non-adjustable mandolin and I love it. I’ve used it for potatoes and onions for au gratin and fruit for tarts.

Still sharp after several years, cleans up super easy and takes up next to no space, especially compared to big metal mandolins.

Think I might get one of the adjustable ones for a little more variety…

I’ve had one of the black adjustable slicers for about eight years, and I use it regularly. It is still very sharp and for cleanup I just throw it in the dishwasher. I highly recommend this slicer. The only advice I would give would be to throw out the “hand guard” and just be careful using the slicer. The holder doesn’t hold the food very well and is actually more dangerous than slicing without it. Just make sure you’re holding the slicer firmly and take your time slicing, and you shouldn’t have any problem with “accidents.” I’ve even sliced garlic cloves on the thinnest setting to put in the dehydrator, and no slices of fingers went with it.

Having said that, buying it from w00t! is not such a good deal. The black one at Amazon is selling for $19.95 and the red one is $22.45. If you buy another couple of things and get your total over $35 shipping is free.

Come on, w00t!, This is no “deal.” Can’t your buyers do any better than this?

The sharpener is $43.30 today at Amazon.

Somebody was listening – both the red and black models are now showing at $17.99.

I have some Kyocera knives from a previous woot. They are nicer than my harbor freight ceramics and other knives as seen on tv. But…: The Electric Ceramic Knife Sharpener- DS-50 is way cheaper at Amazon with prime. What gives Woot???

Haunt you Amazon!!!

Nobody’s listening; it’s been that price. Add the $5 shipping from Woot and Amazon is still cheaper.

I know what a rip! So true thanks for the input! I

After having used Kyocera knives for years, I can recommend these without reservation. The cost savings in this case is not spectacular, but it’s a little less than in most stores.

If you decide to pick up the mandolin slicer, I HIGHLY recommend you swing by Amazon and pick up a pair of cut resistant gloves as well.

Yep. Most folks find the “guard” hard to use and think they can hold the potato and know when to stop. But sometimes you get distracted.

Agree wholeheartedly. And perhaps even more so. I have several ceramics and before I could even slice off a finger, they were all tipless - maybe 1-2 ml. And I thought I was being careful.

So if you like totally pristine kitchen tools, be very, very careful with these. However, if you are slightly twisted in the reality department, and long for a way to punish your knife for giving you that nasty gash off your thumb, ceramic might be right up your alley.

I bought the chef’s knife about two years ago as an answer to my husband’s abuse of my good knives, thinking if he had something funky and fairly sharp, he’d leave the expensive knives alone.

Joke was on me, though. I use the Kyocera chef’s knife at least as often as he does, and the “good” knives sit in the drawer, gathering dust. The Kyocera knife stays sharp no matter how it’s abused.It’s truly a miracle knife!

Too bad the sharpener is still $49.99 here and $43.60 on Amazon (with Prime).

Well, this is disappointing. My knife block arrived in the post today. Too bad it didn’t come with any knives… :frowning:

So I ordered the peeler plus knife in black. A box arrives and in it is only the knife, which is works really well. Only the knife is on the packing slip, so I figure the peeler will arrive shortly. 30 days post order, it hasn’t come.

Contacted support with this info, first thing they tell me is “you should have gotten the peeler with the knife.” Super glad we are on the same page as to what I should have gotten. But here we are.

I send a second email. (ps, no continuity of service? Ouch.) In it I explain that the packing slip I received lists only the knife, as opposed to two items or a set and speculate that there was a mixup. I include links to the item I received and also the one I ordered AND just the peeler, in case they just want to send that out, which would be totally fine.

I get a response to my second email from woot service saying they’re RMAing the first thing I got and sending a replacement. The replacement arrives today and it’s the same wrong item I got initially, that is, just the knife.

I have ordered from woot maybe 60ish times and nothing has ever gone wrong before, but now that something HAS gone wrong, support has been completely inadequate. Who do I talk to to get what I actually ordered? This is really frustrating.

Sorry to hear that your second replacement was also missing accessories.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post and information along to Woot Staff to investigate.

Thank you for your continued patience during this matter.