L’Atelier du Vin Gold Wine Ring

can this be used on other cork like structures?

I suspect this might also double well as incredibly ostentatious jewelery.

Will it collect any drips froma long neck

I really do hate when the wine drips down the side and ruins the label, although ever since graduating from college I stopped saving wine bottles. If this was made from 18K or 24K gold I would buy it just for the awesome factor, but I think I’ll pass.

…or one could simply twist the
bottle after pouring.

No french linens here – I’ll pass, thanks.

I have never even thought to save any labels from my many, many bottles of wine. Thats kindof a neat idea, maybe frame your faves. Cool.

A friend of mine has these and they actually make making the pour more difficult AND they don’t work. The wine dribbles out from under it a second later.

if the surfaces are truly unwanted, would you care if wine dripped on them?

Shipping costs more than product… Pass!

Which is it - stainless steel or gold?

If it was maybe like $1.99 I would be in for 3! one for me, dad, and sister…all wine lovers… but $4.99 is a tad steep!

maybe this will keep my spouse from dribbling?

Your spouse must have a really small head, er cranium.

only when he drinks wine.

Do y’all really spill that much wine?

I mean, if you do, hey, I’m glad they’ve got a solution, but…

I’m sure this question has probably been asked, but is there any hope for cheese in this wine.woot-off? specifically, something from the delicious cypress grove stock?

one can dream…


We just came off a wine. Prior to that was not-wine, but there were two wines in a row before that. We’re at a pretty good wine/not wine ratio.