L’Atelier du Vin Gold Wine Ring

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L’Atelier du Vin Gold Wine Ring [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping

1 * L’Atelier du Vin Gold Wine Ring

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Hahahaha, this makes me laugh so hard.

I also like that the ‘gold’ wine ring is actually made of steel and felt. Nice!

I don’t have any unwanted surfaces :wink:

I think it is the ring to bind them all!


And in their drunkeness, blind them!

What’s to stop the dribbles from dripping out of the ring onto your white table cloths when you pour the next goblet? Is it packed full of super-absorbent felt?

I personally think this wine ring underestimates my ability to drip or make make a mess! A better solution is to dye everything I own wine red.

I went for 3 last time.

They aren’t totally effective. I managed to drip through mine- not even on the non-protected side of the bottle it doesn’t cover.

They are great little conversation pieces though and worth it for that, even on those bottles of Charles Shaw you’ve saved up.

totally unnecessary, just drink from the bottle

Is this the end? I’m escaping with only one purchase? My SIWBM stands fairly well? It’s bittersweet.


Thank God its over!


And thank you KYle

Exactly - and don’t put it down until it’s empty!

Pour confidently – almost a glug, but not enough to splash – then twist the bottle while lifting after you’ve poured enough.

This wine ring thing is for pretentious lads and fancy gals.

Why not fancy lads and pretentious gals? We need Java and Cheron included. :wink:

Wow 61 percent bought 3 no cheepskates on wine woot!


And lick the sides of the bottle?

What size ring is it? Size 7?

Absolutely, waste is a terrible thing.

How come they never sell those cool glass decanters? I have wanted one for years now.
I would think that would be a perfect item for Wine.woot to sell, especially during a wine.woot off!