L’Atelier du Vin Gold Wine Ring

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L’Atelier du Vin Gold Wine Ring [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * L’Atelier du Vin Gold Wine Ring

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no, wait bring back the Calcareous. I haven’t finished breakfast yet!

Aw, c’mon! I know there was tons of Calcareous left, and Richard was morning-drinking FOR US.

OK, fingers crossed for the next wines to be Noceto!!

In for 2. They’re GOLD!

I’m with you!

I have loved the Noceto in the past.

You know, if you just drink directly out of the bottle with a straw (much classier than swigging directly out of it) you wouldn’t have to worry about any wine dripping where you don’t want it!

Interesting but… learn to pour people. =]

so um, you put this ring over the neck and it stops the wine drops…
what’s to stop it from coming out the bottom.

I’m assuming it has a

_() shape to the neck? [ () = bottleneck ]

also, inevitable goldmember references…

I really don’t morning drink. Ruins my lunchtime pint.

Still, it’s the best breakfast EVER. This could be the road… (cue Chris Rea)

The description says it’s stainless steel, even though the title announces it is gold. Since it’s probably not solid gold, this is probably some sort of gold color that has been vapor-deposited on the metal. And no, that’s not dirty. But yes, PVD coatings can chip off over time if you treat them badly (scratch them with diamonds, etc).

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I feel like in real life and apparently woot offs i’ve been perpetually trolled over the past few days.

OOH! A woot-off item just for me!

I only want gold for my ring. Make it look shiny. girls like shiny gold rings.

Have I been drinking?